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The clerk helped " while helping others secretly sick insurance; " insurance into " Tang " – Beijing Zhang Hao cartoons, insurance companies use loopholes in the management, the insured, insurance salesman, litigation agent collusion, false evidence, gang up, by playing the "false lawsuit" to obtain illegal benefits. This thought did not want to be a seamless heavenly robe, prosecutors found. Recently, with the sick insurance fraud litigation case of principal, Neixiang County of Henan province Wanggang legal services staff Li Shumin, an insurance company clerk Li Zhenhai guilty of contract fraud, were sentenced to two years imprisonment and five years. It is understood that since 2015, Neixiang County procuratorate carried out the insurance field of civil fraud litigation supervision activities, handle insurance sick insurance false litigation supervision of 12 cases, including 9 cases involving personal insurance claims, 3 cases involving property insurance claims, more than 150 yuan in economic losses, a strong blow to the potentially fraudulent crime. Supervision of the case dug up 12 false lawsuits in June 2015, a domestic insurance company on behalf of Yao came to Neixiang County Procuratorate, the application of the company and the Neixiang residents Jeong insurance contract dispute case supervision. According to Yao reflect Zheng in the company handled two insurance, the existence of false litigation suspects. After that is the case, the court learned that access to relevant files, May 2014, Zheng and the insurance company signed a two insurance contract, Jeong died soon. Zheng’s husband Liu claims, the insurance company to Jeong sick insurance exclusions by Liu Mousui to the court. Master the case, prosecutors visited the village where Liu, Liu learned for the workers, the procedure of legal documents without the knowledge of the delivery receipt are legal representative agent Li Shumin. Originally, in November 2014, that Jeong terminally ill news, insurance salesman Li Zhenhai advised the insured, and claimed that Zheng is not a penny, all the premium by him to be delivered, the future can be divided into the proportion of indemnity. Zheng promised, Li Zhenhai took her to find a legal worker, Li Shumin, the 3 parties reached an agreement and signed the agreement on the sharing of insurance. Later by China Insurance Company, Li Shumin, and Li Zhenhai respectively to the litigation agent and the identity of the witness, to Jeong husband Liu in the name of the insurance company sued to court. After the court sentenced the insurance company to pay 160 thousand yuan insurance. According to the agreement, Li Shumin, Li Zhenhai has been divided into. To find out the truth, after in-depth understanding, prosecutors found that Li Shumin not only acted together in this case, the local countryside, sick insurance premium is not a cheat. The hospital of the area in recent years to follow it, the insurance industry civil case review one by one, were found and investigated 12 cases of false lawsuit insurance. Sick insurance hidden mystery behind April 2015, the villagers Wang and an insurance company signed a contract of insurance. Wang unlicensed driving without a license motor vehicle, the occurrence of unilateral accident death, is an insurance exemption situation. And after that, the insurance salesman相关的主题文章: