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UnCategorized Although there is plenty of things to amuse you in Barcelona you do not have to venture far from the city to find exciting and interesting activities and sights to explore. Catalan is full of surprises and within the hour you will be able to climb mountains, flavour the vineyards, run along beaches, and be awestruck at the monasteries and ancient Roman remains. In the north-east, close to the French border, you will find Salvador Dali hanging out – just as much a part of Barcelona as Pablo Picasso and Gaudi. There are a few landmarks open to the public that pay tribute to Dali and his unique sense of art. Figueres is the small town where Dali was born and buried, home to the Teatre-Museu Dali it was previously the town theatre and is the place where most of his creations can be seen – even the kids will love it here as its so surreal. The design of the museum is just as fascinating as the artworks with gigantic eggs balanced on the towers and masses of yellow loaves on the outside walls. Its quite remote but you can get there by train which takes an hour or so, otherwise take a tour bus or hire a car. Inside the museum the displays are centred around themes and include pieces from his early years as well as his Impressionist and Cubist periods. You will also be able to discover abstract art, pieces from his classic period, oil paintings, graphics, photographs, sculptures, and a huge archival library. The main items the public come to see of course are the immensely popular surrealist art which he is most famous for, including Portrait with I Humanite, The girl of Figueras, Port Alguer, Napoleons Nose, Basket of Bread, The Spectre of Sex Appeal, and Soft Self-Portrait with Fried Bacon. Check out the 3-dimensional Mae West face that takes up a whole room by itself, actually created from furniture it includes a lush red sofa for her lips and is part of a series designed specifically for the Theatre-Museum along with the Rainy Cadillac and the Wind Palace Room. If you want to know more about the life of this interesting figure then your next stop whilst here on holiday is to follow the Dali trail to Cadaques, a very quiet and remote area that was a favourite with the artist from his youthful days when he spent summers here with the family. Nearby in Port Lligat is the home he built, attracted to this location for the landscape, peacefulness and open spaces. He lived and worked here creating bizarre rooms and fantastic creations for years, the delights of which can now be seen by the public as it has been turned into The Portlligat Museum-House. The building is similar to a labyrinth which starts at the Bear Lobby and leads off in all directions down narrow corridors, up and down stairs, and along dark passageways. Packed out with a multitude of objects and mementoes of the great artist, each area has been made into a comfortable area with carpets laid, walls whitewashed, dried flowers and velvet upholstery as decor, and antique furniture. Every room has windows of different sizes and shapes but all look out onto the beautiful scene of Portlligat Bay. The Castell de Pubol Dali bought for his wife Gala to live in, after she died he decided to move back into the house and stayed here until his death. Built in the 12th century the original plan was that he would also be buried here, however things changed when his relationship with Gala broke down. In urgent need of renovation when he bought it he used the cracks and deterioration as a form of art and, not attempting to fix or hide them, he simply incorporated them into the restoration. Inside you will discover replica architecture, extravagant textiles and antique furniture which lend the place an air of secrecy that promises romance, mystery and total privacy. If you are only in Barcelona for a short time but really want to see some of Dali is art then there is a permanent exhibition displaying some of his most important works in the Real Circulo Artistico building in the Gothic district. This private collection of sculptures are created from wax and based on a number of themes including eroticism, mythology and Don Quixote. The collection also holds over 600 sketches and drawings completed by the artist along with lithographs and photographs. Book yourself into an apartment in the city centre and use it as a base to get around all your favourite sights. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: