Every city has its own jazz festival, the venue is usually several locations in downtown music youth often infested: bar, outdoor, or sponsors package under small music theater, of course it basically all free. Just music lovers to do, according to the timetable to choose their own favorite band, and then make friends with congenial persons, listen to music while a few cups of beer is the C anadian. Jazz Festival, will also have the Blues Festival, folk music festival…… Finally people already do not care about what type of music, as long as the music, will attend the. Of course, this season is not just music lovers and local musician’s paradise, many famous band will come with the people celebrate.
One summer, U2 band in Vancouver spent a month of rehearsal. In the open-air stage in a public park, by surprise to emit U2 several star players, with sing two song, this is the dream of music lovers.
A music program I like best is outdoor symphony orchestra. Some of Canada’s best orchestras generally choose in the summer city on the edge of the scenic mountain lakes do one or two concert performances, name often simple and Poetry: in the valley of Beethoven, or the lake 1.
A good stage, tents, before night fell, the first flash stars sky, a team wearing a neat black Yan dress shirt, white musicians in a landscape of lakes and mountains covered by playing the most classical Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Tchaikovsky…… With the wind blowing trees flowers fragrance, the valley formed a most natural hall, each note is the distant valleys. In which, like a fairyland.
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This summer is a multi] a ticket where to go with you.
Of course, the most exciting programs in the summer than the summer fete.
Similarly, each city will have 1 weeks to 10 days of outdoor activities. The most famous garden will include Vancouver’s PNE (PNE), CNE Toronto has a history of over 100 years (CNE) and the Calgary stampede. The most distinctive is the Calgary cowboy festival.
The annual cowboy Festival floats 1 will have millions of people attended, some in the America Westerns in the famous actors are often invited to float 1 appearances. The amusement park activities are around the cowboy features, a traditional cowboy carriages, cattle, horse racing game Indian ring, bull such activities, more children like the various large-scale amusement equipment: rollercoaster, pirate ship, the ferris wheel and so on.
At night, several recreational programs at the same time on the stage, pop music, the Cowboys young people like country music club, and a huge variety show. Every night will see the helicopter with the stage design of flying in the sky, and then to 10 to 30 minutes for the end of fireworks. For 10 days the festivities, every night I stand on my balcony to see the fireworks, the summer night is shone so bright and lovely.
For 10 days the most lovely are residents of Calgary will be a cowboy, they wore a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, stress will be equipped with the Spurs in the traditional cowboy boots, jeans shirts on cowboy scarf, the wind buckle. The cool thing is some girl in jeans and a leather fringed leather apron, go majestic-looking in the street, and around colleagues and friends never feel you exaggerated.
A stampede, every day I wear Indian style dress, waist jeans shirts in the streets. The skin was tanned deep wheat color, mouth smile, teeth are white.
One day I put the hair into two Hemp flowers braid, also in programmed into color silk and beads. Into the office, my colleagues did recognize me, smiled and said: born a girl in Indian.
Summer is a ticket, it goes to the concert, playground and sunny flowers open street.

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