Sampling of hundreds of sports shoes 50% unqualified red dragonfly, Adidas and other brands on the l

Sampling of hundreds of sports shoes 50% unqualified red dragonfly, Adidas and other brands on the list yesterday, Guangdong province Industrial and Commercial Bureau announced sampling results of Guangdong Province circulation sports shoes the quality of goods, a number of substandard shoes was exposed, the unqualified rate was 50%. Among them, red dragonfly, XTEP, BASTO, Adidas, ERKE, Besto hongxingerke new balance, Jordan Qiao and Dan 361° and other well-known brands are impressively. According to reports, in Zhuhai, Shantou, Huizhou, Maoming, Qingyuan, Jieyang and other 6 prefecture level city, a total of 25 units of the distribution of the 100 sports shoes products, involving production companies. After inspection, there are 50 sports shoes products were judged as the overall failure of the supervision, the other 50 sports shoes samples were not found substandard, sampling failure rate of 50%. It is reported that the annual inspection of the circulation area of the province sports shoes product quality checks on the contrast, sports shoes products unqualified rate decreased year by year, from the year of 2013-2014 67.1% to 2015-2016 50%, a decrease of 17.1 percentage points. Guangdong province Industrial and Commercial Bureau responsible person, "the sports shoes in the supermarket sampling failed to find the highest rate reached 66.7%; the mall and self-employed failure detection rate were 23.8% and 52.7%". 6 shoes easy to fade the health hazards of the unqualified list, this sampling has 6 products lining and pad rubbing fastness unqualified, involving 5 brands, namely "BASTO Besto", "HIMuomo", "newto NIUTOU PAI". It is understood that the shoe lining and pad rubbing fastness poor shoes during use, subjected to physical friction in perspiration environment, dyes easily fall off and fade, not only affects the appearance, but also easy to stain socks, even loss of dye molecules or metal ions may be absorbed through the skin and endanger human health. 4 kinds of sports shoes do not wear in addition, this sampling of 4 commercial folding substandard performance, involving 3 brands, including "RED DRAGONFLY Red Dragonfly shoes etc.. Folding performance is the comprehensive quality index of footwear products in life, folding substandard performance easily in the process of wearing shoes sole fracture, crack pulp uppers, crack surface, bottom and bottom wall open help etc.. 44 models of substandard shoes mark this sampling has 44 items of goods marked not meet the standard requirements, involving the brand of 25, many of which are well-known brands. Such as PLAYBOY, Adidas, ERKE, new balance, Jordan Qiao hongxingerke dan. Mark unqualified is part of the main producers and dealers, understand not clear understanding is not deep, not thoroughly understand the labeling requirements, the labeling requirements sciolistic, intentionally or unintentionally leak standard, wrong standard. Know more about D buy sports shoes measure: see touch smell, smell the first 1 when buying shoes)相关的主题文章: