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Mobile-Cell-Phone The Samsung Galaxy S finally arrived in the UK now in June this year. It was earlier expected to get launched in May, 2010. But one look at this smartphone from Samsung, and you will say it is worth the wait. The first non Bada mobile phone to .e out of the Samsung stable, the Samsung Galaxy S Deals deilvers truly big time, both in terms of techological enhancements and add ons. It has successfully .bined several features catering to both the corporate user who is always on the go to the average, no fancy thrills user. The Samsung Galaxy S is undoubtedly the flagship model to .e out of Samsung lately. Among its several first is the ‘augmented reality’. This implies that you can get to see imporant information relating to their surroundings in the phone’s camera. The phone makes this informatino available through its Tele-Atlas POI. Whether it is true or not only time will tell,but Samsung is claing to deliver the "the best-in-class reading experience on a phone". The smarpthone obviously has one of the best E-reading facility in-buiilt into it. Focussing on the corporate clientele, Samsung has offered what it terms as the ‘Think free applicatio. This app will lend you easy and immeditate access to all Microsoft Office 2007 documents. Then, there is the ‘write and go’ facility that allows users to first draft their message and then decide whether to send it as an SMS, MMS, Email, calendar to memo later on. You can also look forward to "faster and easier on-the-move" typing experience because of a tool called Swype. Intitial industry feedback has been very positive and some experts have actually .mended Samsung for producing such a smarpthone. .ing to its pricing, the networks Orange, O2, 3 Mobile, T-Mobile, Tak Mobile, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile all are expected to pile on this smarpthone for sure. So do not be surprised at all if the Samsung Galaxy S Deals .es to you free under a two year Samsung Galaxy S contract mobile phone deal from 20 to 40. There will of course be the SIM free deals and Pay G deals covering the mobile handset. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: