Samsung next Monday announced the cause of the incident Note7


Samsung Galaxy Note7 after the explosion, the Samsung official final solution is a global recall of 7 Note mobile phone, although now on the market there are tens of thousands of mobile phone users by Note 7 as "biography of Jiabao" heart collection, but Samsung has passed the firmware push mode, mandatory Note 7 battery efficiency is low, to reduce the risk.

now Samsung official announced today, next Monday is also held a press conference on 23, the final results of the investigation on the recall of the Note 7. Samsung has always said that the explosion will give a reasonable explanation, so many consumers and the media are very concerned about.

‘s speech on the Internet, the Note 7 gas explosion damage, identified as "basic cell defects" and "say" the former that has compact structure, manufacturing defects in the corners of high density Note7 battery, causing the battery in charge or by extrusion, collision will occur when the internal short circuit;

the latter refers to the specific, Note7 battery in the space is not fully reserved, once the phone is squeezed, the battery inside the film electrode is likely to contact each other, causing short circuit, heat and fire. So basically from the battery itself and the interior design of these two aspects of the work to determine the cause of the explosion Note 7 fire.

Samsung Note 7 official explosion in the end is how to explain? You wait for the next Monday!