Samsung responded Li Zairong was arrested for application it is difficult to accept the prosecution

Korean prosecutors to arrest Li Zairong

according to the wealth magazine online edition reported that SamSung group said on Monday that it is difficult to accept the South Korean special prosecutor for Lee Li Zairong (Jay Y.) allegations.

South Korean prosecutors accused Li Zairong by way of bribery to obtain the government’s support for the merger of two subsidiaries in 2015, thereby further taking over the power of Samsung group. On Monday, South Korean prosecutors filed an arrest warrant against Li Zairong.

"it is difficult to understand the decision of the prosecution," Samsung in response to South Korean prosecutors to apply for arrest warrant Li Zairong said.

South Korean prosecutors is also suing the South Korean national pension Corporation chairman Wenheng (Moon Hyung-pyo) the scoops of the indictment, Wenheng Pyo received a South Korean President Park Geun hye’s command, and asked him to help Samsung Cheil merger in 2015 success. Korea National Pension group is the world’s third largest pension fund.

hyung Pyo was accused of breach of privilege and perjury. He has admitted that South Korea has asked the national pension mission to support the merger of Samsung’s two subsidiaries in 2015 $8 billion merger. At that time, he was the Minister of health, South Korea, is responsible for the management of the national pension fund. After this, hyung Pyo was arrested in December last year.