Sand, the government also properly Director (a perspective)



the earth desertification is flawed, serious ecological and environmental problems in China is faced with a long-term. Over the past 10 years, the trend of land desertification and desertification in China has been reversed. The land area of desertification and desertification has been shrinking, but the threat has not gone far.

working in Ningxia for more than 5 years, has not experienced, but heard many people describe the disaster movie scene: as clouds of dust storms blinding, the moment will be able to get lost; mobile dune overnight door will be blocked, the sheep stuck dead sand……

statistics show that there are still about 2600000 square kilometers of land desertification, desertification of land desertification of about 1700000 square kilometers. This will be a much longer process than dust storms. A member of the staff involved in the management of desertified land had told reporters that a small piece of soil crust, need to support a few decades, but only a few days to destroy it. In a word, out of control desertification work difficult and long.

sand long front, large investment, government responsibility, but should seriously study the governance strategy. In the past, China’s desertification mainly rely on state investment, that practice for many years, this has yet to be improved. In Ningxia Yinchuan City, a dozen kilometers outside of the sand source, the state has invested enormous human and material resources to promote forest desertification, but difficult to continue. Later, the introduction of social capital through the market, this piece of used sand gradually radiate new vitality, planting trees and building, the development of the playground, to build facilities for the aged. Today, here is to livable, appropriate travel destination development.

similar governance experience, there are many in Ningxia. The concept of change, governance and development of local conditions can not only promote the orderly desert, even can slowly achieve shalitaojin. For example, in some places by the development of desert aquaculture, develop high-quality dairy products; the desert photovoltaic because of the unique climatic conditions, especially by the new energy enterprises welcome; located in Shapotou city centre, the edge of Tengger Desert now become the country’s famous desert tourism, a famous variety show also was here to view……

shows that the government in the process of desertification control, similar to the general director of the need to play a role, not only the scientific planning, and mobilization of society, government and society the power of each horn, to continue to promote this cause. The introduction of social capital, not to say that the government can reduce investment, but to moderate the center of gravity, to focus on policy support and advocacy and strengthen supervision, etc..


, with the desertification situation initially improved, some local sense of urgency for the prevention and control of desertification and tends to be weak, coupled with the functions of their own positioning is not clear, the weakening of supervision, sometimes also indirectly act as a promoter of the destruction of the environment. Over the years, many places have emerged in the case of grazing, some people’s ecological awareness of desalination, so that the fragile environment of the desertified land worse; some local private;