Sanitation workers picked up the wallet at night waiting for 1 hours the owner moved to cry bitterly-yvette yates

Sanitation workers picked up the wallet at night waiting for 1 hours (Figure) – the owner moved to cry in September 21st, in the work of sanitation workers Xiao mei. Newspaper reporter Nie Donghan photo / reporter Xu Jianxun newspaper correspondent Cao Lei in September 19th, people’s daily, the official micro-blog forwarded a micro-blog Xinxiang friends @ Su powder MPP, micro-blog said that she had lost her wallet in the Zhengzhou Railway Station, looking for having picked up the wallet and she has been waiting for nearly an hour HuanWeiGong aunt, she want to be expressed, aunt declined, also failed to leave contact. Netizen @ Su powder MPP with "miracle", "no words" thank you, "cried" and other words, expressed his gratitude. This micro-blog once issued, immediately by the majority of users praise, forwarding, comments more than 10 thousand, more than 160 thousand points praise. September 20th evening 10 points, the reporter went to the Zhengzhou Railway Station west square, saw the sanitation workers in micro-blog. The sanitation worker named Xiao Meihua, is the city of Dengfeng Tang Zhuang Xiang Yang Zhuang village, 52 years old this year. 18 evening around 9, Xiao sister as usual in the Zhengzhou Railway Station West Plaza taxi under the district responsible for sanitation work. When cleaning a white plastic bag on the corner, she found a wallet, opened it, and found the ID card, bank card and some cash. Now need to take a train ID card, no identity card passengers how to ride it?" Shaw worried passengers returned to find the wallet, put the wallet into the carry bag, continue to clean, while waiting for the owner. 10 pm, two girls in a hurry into Shaw sight. She hurried forward to ask, the other side anxiously said to go online ticket exchange tickets found lost wallet. Shaw in checking the owner’s identity card information, the wallet to its origin owner. The girl who found the wallet was moved to tears. "My daughter and they were about the same age, the University in the south, if she had lost her wallet, the more anxious ah!" Shaw said, although they do not earn much money, but "a heart cannot be crooked, no one’s money". West Zhengzhou Railway Station square cleaning department the monitor of class two, Wang Yuxia told reporters, Xiao sister usually work diligent and honest and kind. When I first came to Zhengzhou in 2010, her two children are in school. In order to earn money, she was a person doing two sanitation work, in the morning in the afternoon train station in West Plaza, Longhai road. "Some time ago, she also picked up two mobile phones, after verification of the main identity of the machine, are returned." Zhengzhou Railway Station staff mobility, often passengers lost their belongings. According to Wang Yuxia introduction, in the area of sanitation workers in the train station, like Xiao Meihua it happened many times, Zhang Yuxia, Lee Soo Young, Lu Huiling sanitation workers are highly praised the typical shijinbumei. The 7 friends lively: what are @ Wei aunt praise! You can see that he’s a good guy who lost his wallet! The good life is safe! @Joraen feel the LORD: think of last winter, an aunt picked up my bag on the road to find me.相关的主题文章: