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Interior-Decorating In the current economic climate, every household needs to find ways to save money wherever possible. Admittedly, as the winter months approach, we will all be spending more money on heating our homes, but how we can save money on other utilities all year round? You may be surprised to lean that around 63% of average domestic water use takes place in the bathroom, and 30% of all the water the average household gets through is used by the toilet. Bathroom designers and suppliers are aware of this high level of water usage, and accordingly have created a range of fixtures and fittings that either use less water or allow you to use water more efficiently. Starting with toilet, we can see several innovations that have greatly improved performance and reduced water consumption. Dual flush toilets are now the industry standard, with option for a lighter flush and a standard flush, usually with split such as three litres or six litres of water per flush, allowing you greater control. Toilet cisterns with reduced capacity are available as well. Similar to the brick in the cistern trick from days gone by, these units simply hold a smaller amount of water at any point. Both basin and bath taps have benefited from modern innovation as well. Ceramic disc technology with the tap will afford you a greater degree of control over flow rate than ever before, and will protect against taps developing a drip for a longer period than standard taps. Thermostatic controllers within shower units now give fare better control over temperature than we have previously experienced. By knowing for a fact what temperature your shower will reach after you have turned it on, we can do away with the days of reaching out a timid finger into a stream of water, wondering whether we were going to be frozen or burnt! These developments are all in the name of efficiency and making the bathroom as cost-effective as possible. Outside of water use, there are a wide range of other improvements that have been made to bathroom fixtures and fittings. In the area of bathroom furniture, natural wood finished furniture is still by far the most popular choice, but can be prohibitively experience to some. New models constructed from .posite materials such as MDF, and then finished with a high-quality wood veneer have ade stylish bathroom furniture so much more affordable and attainable. These technological advances have improved the efficiency of the modern and made it easier to control your water usage, and lower water bills will mean more money in your pocket in the future! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: