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Relationships It sounds more like a dream than anything else. Being able to get a second chance with your ex-girlfriend. After all, you’ve already tried everything that you can think of and still, you have not been able to get her to crack and give you a second chance. Is there something that you have been missing? Here are some tips that can help you to get her to give you a second shot at love: 1. Show her that you are not the same guy, but a better one now. Of course, if you are going to go this route, then you need to actually be.e a better version of yourself. So, now you are wondering, how do I do this? It’s simple really. Highlight your best qualities and work on getting rid of the negative ones. 2. Do not try to be her friend. If you are going to get a second shot at love with your ex girlfriend, then you do NOT want to be stuck in the friend zone with her, do you? Well, that’s why trying to be friends with an ex, although it SOUNDS nice, can be about the worst thing that you can do. 3. Go back to acting the way that you did when you first met her. You know, back when you used to flirt with her and you did not try and make her feel guilty about anything? That’s exactly what she NEEDS to see from you if you are going to be able to get her to give you another shot at love. Your ex girlfriend does not want to be guilt tripped into anything, she wants a guy that she can have a GOOD time with. 4. Use secrets of female attraction to get her back. It sounds pretty mysterious, doesn’t it? Well, the secrets of female attraction really are just the things that make a woman feel attraction for a guy without her even thinking twice about it. They are those little things that seem to make her get all wound up, and that is what you need to trigger in your ex girlfriend. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: