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The "one yuan purchase: thousands of yuan to build a platform to any specified winning person currently known to spend one yuan can win thousands of dollars worth of goods or even hundreds of thousands of Yuan" lottery shopping platform "popular network, has formed a thousand billion market. Xinhua viewpoint reporter survey found that, "one yuan purchase lottery box operation may exist; some netizens lost nearly 3 million yuan in one yuan purchase platform. Concerned that the purchase of a suspected illegal gambling, should be clear as soon as possible how to regulate. "One yuan purchase market size of over one hundred billion yuan, has lost nearly 3 million yuan of so-called" one yuan purchase, the user can at least spend one yuan to get a chance to draw large goods, these prizes include thousands of dollars of mobile phone, a few million yuan of gold or even hundreds of thousands of cars and millions of dollars of goods real. Most of the one yuan purchase platform tips, the more investment, the greater the probability of winning. Many netizens in order to win high value prizes, a thousand dollars or even thousands of dollars invested. Just two years time, "one yuan purchase mode has been in the online blossom everywhere. Recently, the reporter entered a dollar purchase search in Baidu, out of about 7000000 information, related to the promotion of dozens of sites. China Electronic Commerce Center data show that there are hundreds of domestic vertical lottery shopping platform, a number of large electricity providers, Internet companies involved. The scale of these platforms in the tens of millions of users, many sites sales of over ten billion yuan, in order to estimate the national lottery shopping market size has exceeded 100 billion yuan. Daily economic news reporter noted that many platforms invested heavily to promote one yuan purchase, such as in the mailbox, micro-blog, can be seen everywhere advertising. Some platforms to send money directly to allow users to try, as well as the platform for users in the circle of friends to publish information on the behavior of winning awards. Due to the purchase of lottery is convenient, fast, and the temptation of high returns, some netizens very easy for the "one yuan purchase of this mode of addiction, addicted to them. Some netizens said that they think can make a hand, but later found that fell into the trap, began to invest tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, if the iPhone and other commodities, then more investment, but to lose everything. Netizen Zhang Junjie said he was a junior student, in June to contact a Internet Co lottery APP yuan purchase, lost 100 thousand yuan a month. "To make matters worse, I can’t stop now. I feel like my life is going to be destroyed." Another netizen from Shanghai Chen Chao said that he had not even playing mahjong, but in "a yuan of Indiana a year invested 3 million yuan, lost 800 thousand yuan. My wife and I divorced, the house also sold, 10 years of hard work all of a sudden." Chinese Commercial Federation Deputy Secretary General Sun Zhisheng said the media shopping Specialized Committee, this year has received more than 300 cases of complaints of Internet users for the "one yuan purchase platform, these users on the platform to lose a few million to several million dollars. The commodity is generally higher than the market price of 10% to 20%, the background can be found to any specified winning reporter survey, "one yuan purchase platform commodity prices are generally higher than the market price of about 10% to 20%. Some sites in the purchase of one yuan, a 5000 yuan move相关的主题文章: