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Secret source of life egg shape and life – Sohu maternal and child 1, egg long? — maternal glory jellyfish I egg, is a spherical ball with the microscope, excellent singing or polished writing, more like a beautiful ethereal star. I prefer the metaphor – the full of the glory of the jellyfish, the largest cell in the human body. In the female or the fetus, original egg cells are dormant in 7 million numbers. The baby was born, 7 million to 2 million, and reached puberty in girls as greenhouse ovaries, only 500 thousand of the remaining more than 100 thousand to adulthood, they own the rest of the degradation. When a woman has a monthly tidal wave, which of the original cells will mature and swim into the uterus? Only God knows about it. 2, the egg can live how long? – 48 hours of life, compared to the age of 24 hours of sperm 2-3 days of life, we have a short life span of the egg, the longest is only a life of about 48 hours, in the discharge within the next 24 hours of the strongest fertilization. Pregnant expectant parents if you want to conceive, it is best to start before the egg discharge, so that Mr. sperm will not miss miss eggs. Because the egg and sperm meet, binding must be completed within 48 hours of egg discharge. If the eggs after discharge for a variety of reasons and sperm can not meet the formation of fertilized eggs, it will be 48-72 hours after the death, leading to the failure of pregnancy, can only wait for the next ovulation. 3, how many eggs in a woman’s life? There are about 400 eggs in our life and we are the largest cells in the human body. The mature egg is barely visible to the naked eye. We are born with a woman. A woman is born, both sides of the ovary has been stored in the millions of immature follicles, to adulthood, the remaining more than 100 thousand. But only about 400 of the time in life can really mature, released by the ovary, play a role in the creation of life. And the rest will be degraded. In each reproductive cycle, two ovarian alternation (or continuous by a dozen of ovarian follicular development) together, but in the end only a mature eggs and sperm can be discharged into embryos (a 2 or more than 2 form twins or multiple births). Since we have only about 400 eggs in our lives, why does the ovary breed hundreds of thousands of eggs? Ovary is how to choose an egg? How do these long dormant eggs know when to wake up? Human ovulation mechanism also contains many secrets to be revealed. 4, ovulation will not feel? — there is no obvious symptoms, each reaction in different ovulation before and after two to three days, often appear transparent leucorrhea, such as egg proofs, others will appear ovulation bleeding. The day of ovulation in most women not what feeling, some people may have mild abdominal pain, abdominal distension, tenesmus, or back pain and other non-specific symptoms. 5, whether the normal development of eggs can check out? B ultrasound monitoring of eggs.相关的主题文章: