Shandong Provincial People’s Procuratorate procuratorial room standardized rating and review work –

Shandong Provincial People’s Procuratorate of Rencheng District procuratorate launched procuratorial office standardized rating and review work – Shandong Channel – Jining on 30 September, in order to promote grassroots procuratorial offices to better play prosecutorial functions, recently, Shandong province procuratorate grass-roots work department director Li Hongyu LED inspection chamber standardization inspection team line of 6 people in Jining, Rencheng District People’s Procuratorate prosecutor stationed Fu Qiao room, Tang Kou procuratorial offices to carry out standardized rating and an attorney office review. Deputy director of the Political Department of the Jining Municipal People’s Procuratorate Zhang Fang, Rencheng District People’s Procuratorate party secretary, attorney general Gao Dexing accompanied the inspection. The inspection group toured the city people’s Procuratorate stationed Fu Tang Kou bridge, procuratorial room liberating hall, video receivers room, the education base, youth legal education base and other places, access to relevant information, see Fu Qiao procuratorial office site planning and design of new programs, listen to the attorney office for discovery and acceptance in the duty crime case clues and the duty crime prevention, law enforcement, judicial activities supervision and prosecution of minor criminal cases, participate in social security management and service for the masses, informatization construction, team construction and other work report. To the hospital inspection chamber in performing the function of legal supervision, serving the people, and actively promote grass-roots governance legalization level to carry out the work of construction and specification of fully affirmed, and makes suggestions for future work. Li Hongyu pointed out that the procuratorial offices rating and review work is to promote the procuratorial offices constantly improve the level of business opportunity, in charge of the leadership and the procuratorial office responsible person to increase the degree of attention, to earnestly implement the Shandong provincial procuratorate stationed procuratorial room standardization level management, timely rectification of the problems identified, actively and effectively promote the progress of the work. High quality and high efficiency in accordance with the provincial hospital evaluation standard to complete the task. (Zhou Yuqiu Liu Xiaonan Huang Ying) (commissioning editor Zheng Puli and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: