Shanghai TA the whole class warfare team hope to create new culture channel cup (video)

Shanghai TA: the whole class warfare team hope to create new culture channel cup Gore with Shanghai new aid talk sports news September 13th Tencent (reporter Chen Yueze) Beijing time on September 12th, the 2016 cup basketball tournament opening in Shanghai. The Shanghai men’s basketball team will play basketball and Taiwan yulong. In an interview, this summer to join the Shanghai team assistant coach Gore said, against the CBA team than the Taiwan team, the team’s defense is a greater test. "The Taiwan team is different from the CBA team, they are on the field faster, so this game is a great test of our defense." Speaking of the game’s opponents, Gore commented. This summer, the Shanghai team in the introduction of foreign aid has attracted a lot of attention, they signed a former NCAA star Frey Dieter and the first round of the draft by the Celtics in the Yabusailai. But Gore said, against the Yulon team, the Shanghai team will not use foreign aid, "we do not use foreign aid, because both sides in Chinese players." Gore said. The new season, Gore will assist the Shanghai men’s basketball coach Liu Peng, and he revealed that the team’s new season is the goal of the playoffs. But more importantly, he wants to create a new team culture. Gore said: "our goal in the new season is to enter the playoffs, because this year we have a lot of young players in the team, hoping to create a new culture and model, a full range of energy to enhance the team." [collection] Shanghai 120-105 Shenzhen 36 Preiss Zhang Zhaoxu 14+10 (this has nothing to do with the original video content, for further reading)相关的主题文章: