Shanxi pollution thousand enterprises discontinued two listed companies on the black list of environ

Shanxi pollution thousand enterprises discontinued two listed companies on the black list of environmental protection"

Taiyuan, January (Xinhua Ren Lina) (17), from the beginning of 13, another round of heavy pollution weather swept Shanxi, is expected to continue to 18 days. Shanxi provincial environmental protection department released news that the 17, in order to cope with this round of heavy pollution weather, Linfen, Taiyuan, Yuncheng City, a total of 3 production enterprises 1091, 172 enterprises to limit production.

according to the Shanxi provincial Environmental Protection Bureau of statistics data show that since the city of Linfen from January 13th to start heavy pollution weather warning red, a total of 635 enterprises stop production, limited production enterprises 80; since the Taiyuan city and Yuncheng city from the start of January 14th orange signal warning stop 266, respectively, and 190 enterprises, respectively, 47 production companies and 45 companies.

Shanxi provincial Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person, during the heavy pollution weather, Shanxi provincial Environmental Protection Bureau sent 11 inspection teams stationed in the city, the heavy pollution weather emergency plans to start the implementation of the measures and carry out special supervision and inspection.

on the other hand, the State Environmental Protection Department China 16 external communications to deal with heavy pollution weather conditions, new year’s day in 2017 so far, Shanxi coking coking plant, Shanxi three Limited by Share Ltd Reed Coking Co. Ltd. are air pollutant emissions exceed the standard of the data on the mean. Shanxi Coking Group Co., Ltd. 6 coking production line flue gas desulfurization and denitrification facilities are not completed.

according to the reporter, the 2 listed companies in Shanxi, Shanxi Province Environmental Protection Agency will impose excessive penalties for illegal discharge of pollutants.

17 PM, Shanxi coking Limited by Share Ltd announced that the company can not be a stable discharge of the coke oven flue gas pollutants, has been the development of the reform program, is expected to desulfurization of coke oven flue gas denitration project put into operation in May. (end)