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Shenzhen 9 sets of 6 square meters of "cage homes" for a long time the average price per square 150 thousand sold out the original title: Shenzhen 6m2 "pigeon cage housing" one morning that sold out the Guangzhou daily Shenzhen news (reporter Xiao Lujun photo coverage) for nearly two months in Shenzhen stir, not 6 square meters "Mount Lu really real pigeon cage" yesterday was finally unveiled. In 1998 the land, is the standard purchase and credit limit of residential products, that is to buy a house for places, in this context, the "pigeon cage housing" is the average price to sell 150 thousand per square meter, and sold out the same day. The reporter understands, 6 square meters of real name is dove cage overseas Chinese city apartment, located in Nanshan District Shahe road and new road junction of Shenzhen City, built in 2004 is the predecessor of the elegant business hall, the entire purpose is to hotel. At the end of the 6 to the end of the corridor at the corner of the hall, there is a set of very small size, a total of 9 sets, ranging from an area of 5.73 square meters to the range of 7.48 square meters. Shenzhen this "dove cage" as early as the end of July this year in the media reports, but in early August this year, overseas Chinese city is put at the opening did not appear, the sales staff told reporters that even without this apartment layout. Yesterday, the reporter walked into the "pigeon cage housing" model, the door is open a narrow aisle, windowsill put a desk. The aisle was narrow, so that the door was closed. Because the house is too small, the developer customized multifunctional bed and wardrobe, the usual bed is folded to the wall, and then pull down when sleeping. Although the "pigeon cage room", but also have kitchen staff, kitchen space is the developer donated. However, because the house is not open, only in the case of the door closed to enter the kitchen and toilet. Field sales staff, overseas Chinese town is still the land in 1998, 70 years of property rights, is the standard limit of the purchase of residential products. Yesterday, the 9 sets of "pigeon cage housing" sale price for a price of 880 thousand yuan each, the average price reached 150 thousand yuan per square metre, yesterday morning a basically sold. Guangzhou Daily reporter learned that the new "residential design standards" went into effect in August 2012 clearly stipulates: "the minimum dwelling and living consists of bedroom, kitchen and bathroom etc., the use of the area should not be less than 22 square meters." Shenzhen pigeon house since 2004 has been built, it is not affected. However, Shenzhen pigeon house may no longer come. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: