Shock! Acupuncture pseudo science, Wikipedia which play

recently, Wikipedia website will belong to the classification of acupuncture "pseudo science", the news came out immediately caused a great disturbance.

described in the Chinese version of Wikipedia, "the theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine is not based on scientific knowledge, while acupuncture is pseudoscience".

it’s hard to believe that acupuncture is defined as pseudoscience.

pseudo science of acupuncture and moxibustion, Chinese medicine practitioners angry!

Wikipedia’s behavior, angered by the global Chinese medicine practitioners and those who had been treated with acupuncture and moxibustion on the petition website signature, asked Wikipedia to correct.

acupuncture is a false science is difficult to convince.

, according to Wikipedia’s reference literature, is that most of the references came from a single evaluation of an anti acupuncture skeptic in 2006, ignoring the large number of studies demonstrating the physical basis of acupuncture analgesia.

Wikipedia official response

responsible for the operation of the Wikimedia Foundation Wikipedia communications manager Samantha · lane should be called Wikipedia, generally not writing, editing or control of Wikipedia, all the contents are decided by the volunteers from around the world contribute to the website editor.

thousands of people protest Wikipedia


was launched by the acupuncture and moxibustion foundation, a broad response to the petition for acupuncture and moxibustion. The purpose of the petition is to correct the Wikipedia medical and scientific consensus on acupuncture introduction page. Petition posted on petition website There are more than 2500 signatures on the petition page, which represents a protest against Wikipedia.

The main sponsor of Mel ·

the petition; science Goldman is an acupuncturist operating a clinic in Leicester.

Kopelman said that acupuncture on the page is controlled by the editors of Wikipedia, they do not allow any to prove the scientific nature of acupuncture articles. Kopelman described his experiences to reporters, she said that she was only involved, just provide some from the mainstream of traditional medical institutions evidence proved that acupuncture is a treatment medicine recommended by Wikipedia, "forbidden" for nearly a week. Before her, many editors who tried to make the same argument were treated as "forbidden".

"newspaper" reported that acupuncture is pseudo science

according to the U.S. "newspaper" reported that can be seen in the protest petition to the wiki page message, the signer is not just Chinese, but from all around the world, different ethnic groups of physicians and by acupuncture to cure the disease people. Among them, Tom from the United Kingdom, · (TomDavies) message that he tried to make subtle changes to the page, but almost immediately deleted. He thought the page was artificially controlled. Kopelman said that from the previous table;