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The full running standard Yue Sun Zhang Qingpeng Shougang reservations – Beijing CBA test south 10 team test in Chengdu, the end of yesterday’s speed endurance test (i.e. shuttle run), Beijing Shougang Basketball Team participated in the test of all passed. Veteran Zhang Qingpeng dare than the young team Shougang test was arranged in the afternoon of second, Zhu Yanxi had no foot in. Zhang Qingpeng led the height of 2.05 meters below the big forces the first batch of tests. The first group, happy start some slow, next to the small defender Wang Xu has led the way out. Fortunately, he immediately keep pace with his teammates, but the speed is not too fast, has maintained its own rhythm. This year has been 35 years old birthday Zhang Qingpeng standard score is the average of the 4 group of 64 seconds, he ran out of the first group of 62.98 seconds. After the 2 groups, Zhang Qingpeng are based on a slightly slow rhythm. Previously reserved, the last group of his apparent speed, ran 60.78 seconds, the first to complete the test to the average score of 62.3 seconds easily reach the standard. In an interview, Zhang Qingpeng face relaxed, he believes that the basic skills training can not be slack, but more importantly, the use of the field. After completing the test, he has been encouraging the second batch of tests by Zhang Songtao. According to the regulations, height of 2.05 meters above the standard score of 66 seconds, more than 2.10 meters a second; weighing more than 120 kg and 1 second; over the age of 30, each additional 2 years plus a second, "tree" at the same time to meet these three conditions, he also ran 69.2 seconds pass. Yue Sun Yue Sun, a strong return enhanced version of Li Wei and Zhang Songtao three height players tested in second batches of more than 2.05 meters, this is the "King" returned from the United States special training after the first public appearance. His test carried out quite smoothly, always in the lead position, rhythm is also properly grasp, the first group ran out of 60.6 seconds, the team ranked in the top third. After the end of the first group, Yue Sun took a look at their own results, after the 3 groups slowed down, but the results of the second groups are still less than 63 seconds. 66 seconds of the standard, Yue Sun in the first three groups with a greater advantage of the standard, the group of the fourth he saved the strength, although the score is more than 67 seconds, still with an average score of 63.9 seconds to complete the first test easily. One summer did not see, Yue Sun gave the greatest feeling is a lot stronger. The body data measurement, his weight actually reached 105.5 kg. The king said, by the United States gifted 12 kg in weight, and body fat content decreased by 5%, equal to the length of the muscle ". But after returning home, because of the relationship between diet and time difference, not a few days to lose a few pounds. Now the size and weight of very good, unlike the beginning, with the ball put his foot to the ankle, (because) is too heavy!" Yue Sun also said that the fourth time to participate in the test, finally can complete the test. Before three, he missed the test bench because of a shoulder injury margin of the ancient capital, "this year is the number of disabled people." According to the regulations, choose 2 places 3 items per team is allowed a strength in shot, squat and bench press loading. Min Lulei asked the whole team to practice the morning相关的主题文章: