Should I Be Worried About 2012-mide-031

Religion I care and I know you do. We are experiencing a new evolutionary wave, which in my opinion is an indication of hope. Many of us are tired of the repetition of daily drama in our lives, tired of the sameness brought on by attachments and the roles we are playing. Not everyone feels this way but many do. More people are focused on the dissolution of all that does not work and searching for ways to not only ignite their own personal fulfillment and purpose but also genuinely care and contribute to the .munity welfare. Sometime we feel like we are riding the roller coaster of life long enough. Many are asking ‘Is there something beyond this roller coaster?’ We are waking up to something that has been staring us in the face forever. We are remembering that there is more to life than the appearance world. Many souls have been blind to the magic within as well as without. There obviously is a shift happening all over the world and it is felt more right now than actually seen. There are people concerned about the Mayan Calendar and the end of known civilization. For years, I have been firm in the opinion that the date 2012 is an indication of a consciousness shift within us regardless of the planetary alignment predicted for that cycle of time. We are collectively waking up to a higher reality. There will always be natural earth and other changes. They have already begun. It is reassuring to remember that in the midst of disorder there is Order. It is up to individual consciousness to harmonize with the quantum shifts. If our intention is to increase awareness, sharing, .passion and love as one united human family, there is something we need to do. We will have spiritual proof of a higher plan when we awaken that part in us which transcends matter. The spirit within gives us the power to see beyond the limited physical vision and prophesy. We rise to great heights when we strengthen the inner life and weaken the constant identification with the personality, body and material surroundings. To achieve our purpose, the blindfolds must be dropped. Life is giving us an opportunity to take well-directed and constructive action as the bridge builders. Perhaps, you are stunned by changes causing personal hardship. We have a choice to grow in consciousness and to exercise our faith or to .plain and forget the love that God has for us. It is easy to be a believer when everything good is happening. We have a choice to give up or to embrace a high ideal and put into action what we claim as our belief. When we stay fixed on God both within and without and a high ideal, we enrich ourselves and others regardless of what is occuring in the material world. Nothing can permanently hamper us if we lift up our head and persist in a bigger view. When we accept and know that God lives within us, we cannot stoop down below our true level. A different energy, an energy of light and love, is .ing to pla. earth. It will continue as an invisible celestial shower nourishing receptive souls. We grow into greatness. Changes force us to evolve. Perhaps, you think I am not practical considering all the predictions. I know as my truth that we are not alone. Feeling as I do, I am secure. No matter what changes we go through, God is always with us. Many of us sincerely desire to help others. We can only give to those who are hungry on any level if we have found the right food within us. Growing up, evolving our consciousness, doesn’t happen accidentally. It is up to us. The future is created through our thoughts, feelings and actions. A loving soul benefits wherever he or she is placed. When we are full of fear, it means that we are dancing the dance of duality. We have separated our self from the Divine. We feel a true security when we remember and accept that we are not separated from God. It is anger, fear and despair that creates the sense of separation. No matter what changes we go through, God, the Light, is always with us. If our belief is strong and our focus steady, this amazing cycle of change can actually be a happy time. It is a window of opportunity where we can let in the radiant Light and actually live as authentic and loving beings. It is in the Light that we are united. The diversity that appears betweens souls is in the way we consciously live as Light in form. There is nothing to fear when we live with pure intention, a willingness to expand and embrace infinite possibilities and goodness. Together we can evolve with the changes and deliberately create a momentum where earthly happiness and unity is our reality and not only a dream. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: