Simple fast food, vegetable garden color – Sohu eating stewed chicken-ca1805

Simple fast food, vegetable garden color stewed chicken – Sohu and just after the holiday to work on small, no parents, the meal is complete, fruit snacks uninterrupted bitter day, do not eat meat! 2016! However, for those of us in the late nine six working dogs, not too much time and energy to what we should do is that simple quick good-looking delicious dishes! So, take a look at the color garden vegetables stewed chicken! Braised chicken vegetable garden color material: Chicken carrot potato cucumber sauce: salt soy sauce sugar wine chicken stewed chicken meat powder color garden vegetable practice 1, prepare materials; 2, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers were peeled, cut into small uniform; 3, chicken Tiqu bones, cut into small pieces with soy sauce, cooking wine, cornstarch grasping uniform marinate for a while; 4, hot pot, pour the marinated chicken stir fry until color surface micro focus, first fill out; 5, the pot bottom oil, pour carrot and potato stir fry till 6; and then pour into the chicken, the amount of water; 7, in the cover. Fire, cook for 7 minutes; 8, turn the fire, add cucumbers, sugar salt and chicken powder seasoning, sauce! It looks delicious! Is very simple to have no! Don’t be afraid of trouble, don’t be afraid to eat, do it yourself!相关的主题文章: