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"Sishitongtang" English manuscript back: one hundred thousand words will be exposed original title: "Sishitongtang" English manuscript back: one hundred thousand words will be exposed by the national data figure: known as the "Beijing first drama" the drama version of "Sishitongtang" is the life of Lao She’s beloved, on the evening of 26 performances in Gansu theatre. Ding Si photo Beijing, Beijing, November 23, (Shangguan) 22, a Lao She in the United States lost manuscript discovery "message detonated domestic literary circle. The message said, nearly 70 years ago the writer Lao She’s works "Sishitongtang" in the United States have been gathered up, lost the original target, and will be published in full in the next phase of the "harvest". Harvest editor Cheng Yongxin to the new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter confirmed the news, is about to be published in the famine of 21 to the 36 paragraph, about a little more than the number of words". Data figure: Lao She Memorial Hall corner. Zhang Yong agency issued photo "Sishitongtang" planned to write 100 Chinese version of "incomplete" Lao She formerly known as Shu Qingchun, a famous modern writer, novelist Chinese, representative of "camel Xiangzi" and "Sishitongtang" script, "teahouse" etc.. Among them, the novel "Sishitongtang" is particularly well-known, including "confusion", "survival", "famine" part three. Unfortunately, this is part of the "china". According to public information, Lao She was initially designed this book is divided into 3 parts, a total of 100. But third of the "famine" after the manuscript was destroyed for various reasons after the 20 paragraph. In 1982 the people’s Literature Publishing House to publish the book, from the "Sishitongtang" English version of this part of back translation. However, this is not the original manuscript. Cheng Yongxin introduced, "Sishitongtang" the English version was after editing, delete a lot of things, "so that readers see is" Brokeback Venus "is incomplete Chinese version of the novel". "Shanghai Translation Publishing House editor Mr. Zhao Wuping ran several university libraries, such as Columbia University, Harvard University, to find all the original English version, added the 21 paragraph to the 36 paragraph. A lot of content before the humanities edition are not." Cheng Yongxin believes that this is a "thing," kindness knows no bounds "Lao She literary achievements of Mr. Zhao Wuping is very strict, obvious to people, he in translation, is as close as possible to the word in front of the Lao She text style, with". The other is we removed the original manuscript published, published the 16 paragraph is now complete, typesetting, proofreading wildly beating gongs and drums." Cheng Yongxin said that about one hundred thousand of the number of words will be published in the 2017 issue of the first harvest. Data figure: Chinese Art Museum for the first time a comprehensive display of Lao She’s posthumous collection of couples. Yang Kejia agency issued photo English manuscript found tortuous process "Sishitongtang" will be a new mention manuscript process, is also a lot of twists and turns. Zhao Wuping to the new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter said he grew up like Lao She, his work has been very concerned about Jun相关的主题文章: