Sixty granny to Ningbo into Grandma shoes every year to keep the elderly send cotton fabric

Sixty granny to Ningbo into Grandma shoes every year to keep the elderly send cotton fabric

on weekdays, Li Wenqing to take care of the elderly living one family, but also pick up the grandson, not much spare time. But why do give the elderly fabric shoes?

speaking of his own mind, the old man bluntly, arrived in Ningbo in the past few years, the unfamiliar, stay at home is very boring, think woven padded to pass the time. A double, double, ten pairs…… With increasing, some of their own clothes, some to the neighbourhood, but still a lot of inventory.

She and her husband

wondering, put the shoes to the needs, the first thought is the community elderly. "These old people without children around, there will not freeze foot wear shoes." From the beginning of 2013, every year she will hand woven cotton padded shoes for the elderly, have been more than 4 years.

learn to do shoes this craft

said the old man to make up for the regret of the year

chat, the poor old man slowly open heart. For so many years, she has been woven padded give, also make up a pity myself, want to let these people wear comfortable shoes.

this regret, from more than and 20 years ago that winter. At that time, Li Wenqing lived in rural Hubei, Huanggang, life distress. Mother is ill in bed, only a pair of shoes were worn out. Li Wenqing is very distressed, her mother wanted to buy a new pair of shoes, the whole village has not landed around.

"then the home harvest one year only enough for the whole family to eat and drink, there is no spare cash to buy shoes. Coupled with the lack of supplies, even if enough money can not buy enough." The old man immersed in memories, some lonely eyes. "Until the death of his mother, she did not wear a decent pair of shoes."

this thing is like a thorn in her heart ached. "If it will own this craft, the mother can wear warm new shoes."

years later, the old man learned the craft, the wholefamily shoes are made of a glimmer of her. Before in the countryside, she always sent woven padded neighborhood, the village a lot of people are doing through her shoes. Came to Ningbo, she began to make shoes for the elderly.

old people usually live frugally, but every time I buy shoes materials to select good quality. She always said, give the old man to wear a little soft soles, to warm a little, not to save money."

reporter asked about a pair of shoes, the average cost 15 yuan, take at least 3 days, 10 pairs of shoes will be finished in a month or so. Sometimes in order to be able to send a few pairs of shoes, the elderly and even burn the midnight oil. "If you have time, you can take it out and weave it."