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"Separation" education breakthrough reality theme creation trend collision lead small _31 > > > separation;; click to enter the Tencent video, watch "farewell" entertainment news by Tencent with adorable pictures, Shaanxi (Art), the investment hot stone culture CO produced, directed by Wang Jun, Huang Lei and He Qingbian play, Hai Qing led starring Zifeng Zhhang, Zhu Yuanyuan, Han Qing, Chen Xiaoyun, Hu Xianxu, Zhao Jinmai, starring idol, TFBOYS Chen Shu, Vivian Wu, in particular, Wang Ji portrait of joining the national opera "farewell" topic is Zhejiang TV, Beijing TV, video of the whole network hit Tencent. The play is the first domestic screen with high school students as the theme of the drama, for the first time in the TV drama show "dilinghua" phenomenon, is the only one in the summer people’s livelihood reality theme masterpiece. Through the three families from the study of different stories, extended to show the education, parenting, livelihood and other hot topics. A new angle of view and a strong social topic in the pre launch has received widespread attention both inside and outside the industry, after the launch of the ratings steadily increased, for three consecutive days on prime time ratings, the network broadcast has been ranked the top three, watercress score up to 8.2, the harvest of zero bad good reputation, and has been praised experts in related seminar, vice chairman, vice president of China China Television Artists Association radio and Television Association Li Jingsheng gives a "highly boosted the morale of the creators of reality TV drama", the famous literary critic Li Zhun called it "a truly realistic works of excellence", "the first time around teenagers education embodies the whole society of anxiety, showing multiple choice with a positive attitude". Inclusive of diverse values from two perspectives reflect the educational philosophy "separation" through three different families in the face of senior high school entrance examination, dilinghua study and so on the different performance, will be a huge social topic library concentrated on three families in daily life, showing the collision of various values. The microscopic reveals the consciousness of small friction within the family, middle depicts different economic foundation concept difference, the macro "reflects the pros and cons of China education" and the profound differences between Chinese and Western culture. For the difficulty of high school students studying the topic, the discussion of "whether to go abroad, go abroad to pay what price" and a series of problems, but not to "study is conducive to children’s growth" conclusion, only through three representative families given case reference, let the audience reflect realistic works Different people, different views.. Questioning attitude. Experts agree that "separation" covers rich social issues, involved in the western education system compared to other topics, TV drama made the real show to the social phenomenon, not a simple evaluation, but will attract the audience to the plot, their independent thinking and analysis of causes. This requires a high degree of artistic expression skills, and small separation really do this. At the same time, the play also rendered a unique educational philosophy, the play quoted a poem by Gibran: "your children are not your children, they are the desire for freedom of life and the birth of the child. He came to this world with you, but not because of you. Because of their"相关的主题文章: