Small sweet scented osmanthus effect many mid autumn moon tours

Small sweet scented osmanthus effect many mid autumn moon tours "Chou" just after the Mid Autumn Festival, in the days of perfect conjugal bliss and family reunion, I believe we are Co. Such a good life, people always look forward to bring luck and good luck family, many people choose to use the gift way to express wishes. The reporters found that in addition to some traditional moon cakes, the Mid Autumn Festival this year, there are a lot of people came to create new styles gift, potted osmanthus is one of them. Since ancient times, the Chinese people on the sweet scented osmanthus is loved, "Gui" with the sound of "expensive", the Chinese people will always be some desire on the beautiful things. Moreover, osmanthus character Dunhou, can withstand high temperature, also not afraid of winter. Generally speaking, osmanthus is divided into four seasons osmanthus, Kim, Yingui, Guangxi four large category. Osmanthusfragrans wins in the long flowering period, from September to March next year will be partial flowering, but its color is light, milky yellow to lemon yellow flowers, is less than the other three kinds of flavor; most people often choose to give potted Kim, Kim Guifu shiny, Luzhou, many people think it is golden color yellow, give more good-looking geely. In fact, osmanthus itself has a very good effect. Sweet scented osmanthus can be used as medicine, food helps the body dispelling cold junction, but also just phlegm cough, health in lungs, mouth odor, and sweet scented osmanthus fruits and roots can also be used as medicine with cold dispelling rheumatism. With the sweet scented osmanthus tea also has the effect of beauty, sweet scented osmanthus tea aroma, soft taste delicious, often drink can be beauty, soothe the throat, effectively improve the symptoms of cough, phlegm, and stomach cold stomach, duodenal ulcer can be nursed back to health and other symptoms. Especially for the cold physique, osmanthus can Qi, relieve dryness in autumn. In addition, sweet scented osmanthus wine has a long history and mellow, moderate drinking is also the spleen tonic effect.相关的主题文章: