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The management of social entertainment news programs more stringent   online network standard – the media – original title: social, entertainment news program, more stringent management. Recently, the State Press and Publication Administration issued "on the further strengthening of the social class entertainment news program management notice", and put forward the specific requirements of the principles and norms of strengthening the social class entertainment news program management. "Notice" clearly, only made "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", and licensing projects with the relevant qualifications of the website, to start or reproduced social class entertainment news program, and a network of unified standards implement. "Notice" pointed out that the social class, entertainment news programs because of its close to life, vivid and interesting features, the growing concern of the people. Most of these shows the correct orientation and style of health, played a positive role in promoting the positive energy, pass the correct values, but there are also some programs there is lack of energy, values, aesthetic taste is not high, some preach overnight, show off their wealth, pleasure, some speculation emotional disputes, family conflicts, and some sought after star, upstarts, network reds, some programs have a negative effect, caused by the criticism of the masses. The "Circular" mainly from 9 aspects to strengthen the social class entertainment news program management: one is to adhere to the correct orientation in the first place, to the main melody, positive energy dominant social class entertainment news, firmly adhere to the guidance and management of the whole process, full coverage; two is to uphold unity and stability, positive publicity mainly, more positive propaganda, focusing on the mainstream, reflects the progress, cohesion, morale; three is to adhere to the socialist core values to lead, and vigorously promote the Chinese traditional culture, revolutionary culture and the advanced culture of socialism, adhere to healthy taste, actively spread the beauty; the four is to strengthen the ability to guide public opinion and agenda setting to improve the accuracy of active set, issues, and guide the public opinion topic; the five is to strengthen the radio and television program production and broadcasting institutions, mutual The qualification management of network audio-visual program services; six is to carry out staff education and team construction, organization of Marxist news outlook of Marx, his literary view of education and training, strengthening the staff of the principle of party spirit, occupation morality and the occupation spirit; the seven is to strengthen the territorial management and listen monitoring work, strengthen the guidance and inspection, seriously pursue accountability eight, strengthen the analysis of judgments; is to strengthen the institution assessment and appraised awards management, the social class entertainment news oriented evaluation and assessment, organization awards appraised hook, strengthening constraints, need nine is strengthening and eliminating the inferior; copyright protection program and flow management, improve awareness of copyright, manage program resources flow. The "Circular" for radio and TV social news, entertainment news broadcast agencies to make specific provisions, one is to further clarify the TV social news shall not be Zhibofenli, social production organizations may create social news, which is broadcast on radio and TV social news only produced by radio and television stations. The relevant provisions of the State Council, radio and television stations are strictly prohibited to have a strong political, policy or may have a greater impact on public policy, public opinion相关的主题文章: