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Solution: 1499 countries "foreign think tank" is how to produce? 50 each year, the eve of the national day issued by the premier of the State Council to meet, but also to participate in the National Day reception. The Nobel prize winner, National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Academy of engineering, the German National Science and engineering academy, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Academician, Japan Academy of Engineering vice president, senior Israeli experts organization president…… On the afternoon of September 29th, 50 international experts from all over the world came to Zhongnanhai to accept the Friendship Award of the Chinese government, which was issued by Ma Kai, vice premier of the state council". "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that the government is China Chinese friendship award granted by the government to work in China for foreign experts the highest honor award, established by the State Council authorized the State Bureau of foreign experts in 1991. Each year about 50 winners, as of 2016, a total of more than 1499 foreign experts from around the world have been awarded this honor. On the eve of the National Day every year, premier of the State Council will personally meet with the award-winning experts and invite them to participate in the National Day reception. Li Keqiang met with foreign think tank on the afternoon of September 29th, the 2016 annual Chinese government Friendship Award Ceremony held in Zhongnanhai, the award-winning foreign experts to award and speak to Ma Kai. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that this year’s winners of 50 experts from 18 countries, including foreign experts have been the oldest 80 years old, the youngest only 33 years old. A day later, Premier Li Keqiang, vice premier of the State Council, in the Great Hall of the people, met with the award-winning experts and their relatives in the Great Hall of the people in the city hall of the people’s Republic of China, Premier Zhang Gaoli. "It is said that this is the youngest Friendship Prize", in that the youngest winners of experts at the age of 33, Li Keqiang published an impromptu speech, "this shows that China modernization more attractive to young professionals abroad, also showed a new hope for foreign cooperation." Of course, this is not to say that the older than the younger. Older experts have more experience, young people are more active thinking, the two complement each other, can better promote China’s modernization process and the cause of world peace and development." Li Keqiang’s speech received applause. "Some experts working in the Chinese eastern region, and some experts working in the Midwest China difficult areas; some experts engaged in education and training, health and other social undertakings, some experts involved in major projects Chinese; and experts focus on the study of classical and modern Chinese China." Li Keqiang said, "your name is enough to Chinese and engraved in the history of Foreign Friendship association. The Chinese people will not forget you, the Chinese people sincerely thank you!" After the meeting, the award-winning experts were invited to attend the 67 anniversary of the National Day reception. In the morning, they visited the Military Museum and the capital museum. "Friendship Award" is how to produce? According to the State Bureau of foreign experts website, Chinese government Friendship Award is Chinese government "for China in modernization and reform and opening up prop相关的主题文章: