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Using music to soothe cancer patients – Music Therapy lecture second wonderful playback – Sohu health music, is a key to open the hearts of the plight of. I believe everyone is sick will have exhausted and helpless mood, when suffering from cancer, the mood will be intensified in the hearts of patients with depression, so that they have even thought of suicide, when they are in a spiritual dilemma "prison migration", the music is the key to open this dilemma. The afternoon of October 27th, bursts of sounds from the international medical center in Beijing Cancer Hospital of music and laughter, here is for cancer patients who held a lecture of music therapy, joy is the main theme here. Music therapy scene, not only people outside the hospital to enroll and hospitalized patients and Cancer Rehabilitation Association, the professional music therapist driven, interactive experience brings together games, music therapy health and happiness. A sonorous and forceful "I believe" activities officially opened the curtain, a music therapist led everyone with the rhythm of the music, a simple "move" warm-up exercise, to participate in the activities of the stranger slowly warm up. With the progress of the activities, the song as a binder has been throughout the song, "Moonlight" will you bring you empty space to imagine a "sea" caused countless memories. A music therapist for everyone tailored to the two group singing, ballroom dancing and other interesting game fun interspersed among them, while the music while stretching and physical pleasure, the scene atmosphere, full of laughter, not out of the ward patients are attracted to participate in. Music therapy is more than just listening to music." The music therapy Mu you social work office professional music therapists, modern music therapy is an independent discipline, is a system of scientific intervention process in western countries after years of practice, has formed a complete theoretical system and independent. "Before the" music therapy ", we have to assess the patient and adjust the intensity of the game. Test the mood, pain, and rehabilitation management by allowing patients to participate in games and music activities." Activities finally, professional music therapists with his own music lyrics "goodbye song" farewell for everyone, I hope every cancer patient can have a healthy body, in the coming days anti-cancer strong and brave and happy.相关的主题文章: