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South Korean actress program exposure chest asked male: look like really? Jessi exposes the augmentation, according to Taiwan media news "cloud" reported that South Korean singer Jessi has a hot body, and free personality, said nose knife and eyes, generous attitude is appreciated; unexpectedly, she was 8 in the program "Happy Together 3" and then blew have breast augmentation, let the host Liu Zaixi, Pu Mingxiu (also translated: Pu Mingzhu) was dumbfounded "we thought you only nose with eyes, I do not know how to respond to the panic. Jessi on the 8 day program "Happy Together 3" away, suddenly blew the chest is done, she said "because the money is honest, breast augmentation, want to see what is not normal?" She explained, not love it is on the knife, pretended not to have done. The host Liu Zaixi always thought that Jessi only had nose and eyes, the sudden explosion that he was shocked, unexpectedly, the simple question "my chest looks like really?" Let the audience and the host flustered said, we really scared, Liu Zaixi hurried away from the door to close the door, worried about Jessi breast leak. Jessi said the most common users to see the chest looks like a fake!" She always wanted to and explained, "since daraloc chest, I also don’t want to hide." Especially now is 2016, her comedy asked: "now, who is not an integer?" Although the company had tried to stop her from talking about integers, she felt "this is me" and wanted to be true to the masses.相关的主题文章: