South Korean government finalized the 2017 budget 2 trillion and 400 billion yuan focus on people’s

South Korean government to finalize the 2017 budget 2 trillion and 400 billion yuan focus on people’s livelihood – Sohu news network new year on August, according to South Korean media reports, the South Korean government held a State Council meeting on the 2017 and finalize the budget for fiscal year 30, the case of the South Korean government said in a statement on. According to the budget, the government budget next year, an increase of 3.7%, the first time in the history of a breakthrough of more than 400 trillion won, reaching a total of 400 trillion and 700 billion won (about RMB 2 trillion and 397 billion 200 million). It is reported that the South Korean government will focus on the preparation of the budget to create jobs and boost the economy, stabilize and improve the people’s livelihood, according to the 9 areas of health, welfare, employment increased budget, while social indirect capital (SOC), industry, foreign affairs and the unity of 3 field budget decreased. According to the budget, next year’s health, welfare, employment budget reached 130 trillion won (about RMB 77 million 681 thousand and 500 yuan), an increase of more than this year’s $5.3% won. Employment budget which increased by 10.7% this year, up to 17 trillion and 500 billion won. The government plans to allocate a large budget, and actively help the departure of the shipbuilding industry and youth employment. In addition, next year, South Korea’s education budget grew by 6.1% this year, up to 56 trillion and 400 billion won. Culture, sports, tourism budget grew by 6.9% this year, for the first time exceeded the 7 trillion won mark, reaching more than 7 trillion and 100 billion won. Agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food budget grew 0.6% compared to this year, was won by 19 trillion and 500 billion. Next year, SOC field budget this year, a decrease of 8.2%, was won by 21 trillion and 800 billion. Last year the budget has decreased by 6%, and this year a further expansion. Planning finance department, a responsible person said that this shows that the government plans to focus on the next year, the existing works of the project, rather than the new project, a reasonable allocation of budget. Due to the breakdown of the Kaesong industrial park, the government reduced the inter Korean cooperation fund and open the project City Industrial Zone of the budget, so next year, foreign unified field budget decreased by 1.5% this year, 4 trillion and 600 billion won. Given the current tensions between the DPRK and South Korea warming, the government next year’s defense budget increased to 40 trillion and 300 billion won, an increase of up to 4%.相关的主题文章: