Sparrow hit behind Yen value consumption is the norm noreply

"Sparrow" hit behind: Yen value consumption is the norm "sparrow" Li Yifeng, Dongyu Zhou (source: Beijing daily) "Gao Yan sparrow" value is not the case, the first is Hu Ge [micro-blog] and Wang Kai [micro-blog] starring Spy Drama "the pretender" lifted the yen value waves, then "decryption". Yan value leading youth Spy Drama, is already a Spy Drama pedigree relay "panorama" and "hidden" and "dawn" [micro-blog] before the traditional spy classic after another big branch. The 60 episode TV series "sparrow" in Hunan TV broadcast, a lot of people’s eyes fixed on Li Yifeng [micro-blog] on the face, not to say whether Li Yifeng in the play, these people obviously play First impressions are strongest. There are two kinds of staring at Li Yifeng’s face: one is obvious to consumer idol fans, is the value of the yen, no matter what kind of Li Yifeng, is a crush of licking the screen; there is a sceptic yen value of consumption, the stereotypes that Li Yifeng this kind of high Yan value idol idol drama film is OK, but in the heart of the burning brain Spy Drama hard task, so to see how he played all awkward. Li Yifeng said how good the "sparrow", that is to say he played his flattery; Nothing is right., also irresponsible. Li Yifeng created deep Chen conceal his handsome, acting attitude is sincere, can see that he is trying to lay down their own, for the role of service, but the promotion space is still great. Look at the use of that director’s schedule and photography also have hesitated, Li Yifeng hand would also like to have more heart release, hand to discard the suction eye effect color value. In the final analysis, Li Yifeng interpretation of Chen heavy or not, is the depth of the cognitive level of Chen, Li Yifeng, as well as the creative team behind the market and the comprehensive results of the wind direction. Yan value consumption understandable, even if it is only a small number of people to meet the public consumption, as the taste of horror films, but also its value and significance of existence. Moreover, consumption is now the yen value is the mainstream consumer, represent the general trend, assume negative demand cannot be obliterated and the reversal of reality. "Gao Yan sparrow" value was not the case, the first Spy Drama "the pretender" Hu Ge and starring Wang Kai lifted the yen value wave, then "decryption". Yan value leading youth Spy Drama, is already a Spy Drama pedigree relay "panorama" and "hidden" and "before dawn" and other traditional spy classic after another big branch. Besides "sparrow" Chen, the first novel in 2012 occurred in the brain when author Matt prototype, is a high value of Yan handsome, this idea is "the pretender" come early, even if the "sparrow" without Li Yifeng, also want to lock another popular guy. Because the yen value has been criticized for not in film and television products, all the attention economic hub, is likes and dislikes tangled downtown, spicy crawfish popular, there are rumors can not eat spicy crawfish; a fast-food chicken popular, there are six chicken wing gossip has become the logic game rush on like a swarm of hornets. Besides, because the color value is too high a burden to those from ancient times, the handsome Wei, Jin Yan, is because the value is too high, not be nuisance to "see" dead, there is a face of Zhang Shuai was questioned and not acting. The value itself is not a sin相关的主题文章: