Stranger Camus is a bit naive in politics

Camus: on the political front, there are some naive people who want to do it once and for all, but it’s going to hit the world for no reason. We will also feel in the world of life to your malicious, but in fact, the world can not find the meaning of once and for all, the value of literature is this: I would like to insist on asking, will be the pursuit of meaning. Albert Camus · both in the past and are always fighting. He is thinking about how people can understand and communicate with each other in a world where people and God are quiet. In the cold and restraint of the pen never add a little bit of illusion, not getting anything lost its sacred, but it is precisely this piece only belongs to the person on the earth he found his sincere answer. On the one hand, as the content of the sincere, in his mind, some of the characters are not good words, but in the sun, the sea and others in the close unity of the people to show the value of. On the other hand, is a form of sincerity, from 1935 until his death for twenty-five years, he notes, veiled and clear outline on the course of their language, a true representation of the twentieth Century French intellectual circles behind the whole face. Recently, the three volumes of "Camus notes" by Zhejiang University press · and Museum officially launched in translation. The afternoon of September 3rd, the French Department of East China Normal University professor Yuan Xiaoyi, the independent review was also returned two guests with the readers were Sinan literature home, talked about Camus’s thoughts and notes. Activity site. Experienced in twentieth Century all the suffering of Camus also talked about his return to the cloud and Camus, probably in nineteen, at the age of twenty, he found that a writer can solve almost all the confusion and spiritual crisis, this is the most suitable for the growth of youth is the time. With Camus’s book and even a lot of things can be put aside, he was absorbed into the broad spiritual world. In general, the work of Camus comprehensive, including novels, philosophy, political drama, variety; who is also very comprehensive, whether acting, football, men and women face of social relationship and he detached from the, he can portray the extremely rich portrait. Each photo is absorbed by the owner of the charm, even after his private nature of the book published, not only did not subvert his imagination and impression, but added to the interpretation of space and quality of life. Before the formal presentation of Professor Yuan Xiaoyi, in particular, ask the reader to note: "fifty years ago, Mr. Fu Lei today is the day we left, I as a translation of French literature to pay tribute to the younger generation." Although Fu Lei did not translate Camus, but have a certain similarity in behaviour. Camus is the most moving people is sincere". He is from a specific person’s living environment to people’s thinking, experienced its birth until now still has value. Camus and other French writers are not the same, as we often mention him and Sutter, the latter as the spiritual mentor of the French, even if there is some controversy, but it is still out of fame. However, the more times you have experienced, the better you will understand Camus. Camus in the Chinese accept the same, may be more or less heard of his readers:相关的主题文章: