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Students apply for 46 schools received $550? School: ordered to correct – Jinling Evening News reporter Wang Peng August 30th, the city of Nanjing, Career Academy students received a notice on the English four, six training courses. Through consulting teachers students found that this is not just a training notice, but also a registration notice, the teacher is very clear that we can only participate in the training exam." Reporter survey found that release the school notice "of Nanjing TV University School of continuing education, proved to be a training institution in Nanjing city Career Academy afterwards also stated, do not allow the registration and training linked. Students reflect: do not participate in training courses can not apply? Recently, Nanjing city Career Academy students have a lot to Jinling Evening News Agency called, also released the news on micro-blog, WeChat and other network platform, said they apply for English class 46 times this semester, the school does not meet standard fees. In August 30th, the school issued a notice on the 46 candidates." Student Li Li (a pseudonym) told reporters, before registration, does not require mandatory training, the registration fee is only forty yuan less than the entry and training students "enjoy preferential", to pay 550 yuan a person. Li Li was on the teacher to prove the class, the teacher told her to leave a phone call on the notice, the school will continue to give their official reply. And from the chat records provided by Li Li to see, the teacher of the Institute of continuing education to the students to reply, exam training fees 550 yuan. To participate in training before the examination, four, six are the same." Students questioned, "four, grade six examination, registration and training should be voluntary, right? Now we want to sign up, it is necessary to tie to participate in training courses, this is the school rules?" "Yes, this is my school policy." Teacher reply. Li Li and her classmates, in the school can not find the second place of registration, they also have been considered, the College of continuing education in the school is on behalf of the school for 46 registration. If you do not pay the 550 yuan training fees, they will not be able to participate in the examination of the year 46? They reflect the situation to the school, but was surprised to make the school students. At the beginning of September, many students have received notice of the 46 grade teacher, examination registration, due to some students to report, temporarily stop. This, the students can be completely anxious, is this semester’s 46 test, the whole school students to miss it? The teacher gives students such a reply, you want to take part in the 46 test, only to the official website to sign up." Reporter: training institutions are not standardized fees hidden on this issue, the reporter in accordance with the notice on the phone call in the past, a man claiming to be the teacher’s staff to answer the phone, he answered this question, "ready to accept either course, you go to hospital do know. Our organization, you can say that the school, it can not be said that the school." Nanjing TV University Continuing Education Institute, in the end is a kind of organization?.相关的主题文章: