Study show follow the example of the power of Hong Kong Youth Idol war games – wish

Study show: follow the example of the power of Hong Kong Youth Idol war games – wish Beijing News Agency Xinhua: Hongkong in August 29 from Hong Kong Youth show the example of the power of wishing: follow the News Agency reporter Yinta Shizuko, in the battle of Olympic idol Lin Yuxing "the Olympics is a dream, but I hope it will come true one day!" Hongkong, a middle school in the sixth grade boys and Olympic badminton champion Lin Dan and Zhang Nan with the rally, make their wishes. 29, the mainland elite Olympic delegation visit to enter the third day, all the athletes came to Hongkong, the cradle of elite athletes of Hongkong Institute of physical education, and the local "star of hope" learn skills, communication life. "With the world’s first (badminton) players, playing together, I was really nervous, relax when not playing, playing a lot of ball and throw, the night before also can’t sleep!" The male partner after the game to conceal his excitement. Although two people get autographs and photos of Lin Dan, after the game, Chen Long champion and gay, but that day the "happiest" moment, but did not play belongs to the Hongkong women’s badminton player Yang Yating. "Before the game Lin Dan has been in here. Then he came to me, and I realized that I had to lend him my racket." Yang Yating remembered the moment the idol approached. Lin Dan to complete the exchange activities, after the return of the racket, her friends immediately took the ball racket, smell a bit star flavor". As a professional athlete, the game has been a success. But defeat is often hard. Has been 12 years of age Yang Yating share their idol incentive story. "When I’m down, I watch a game against Lin Dan and Li Zongwei. After reading, I would like to become as strong as they do not want to give up so quickly." Her next goal is to play in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, with their idol on the same field. 14 year old Dong Zeming memories of the day, when he was at the age of 6 to see the Olympic Games in Beijing in the Olympic Games in, they fell in love with badminton, but also as an example of their own study of the Lin Dan. "I’ve seen all of his (Lin Dan) games. It’s not easy for him to get there. I wish I could be a player like him. Badminton brings me honor and confidence. I’ll keep on fighting." Dong Zeming said decisively. In table tennis from the scene, two 13 year old Hongkong Youth Table Tennis Athletes invited and the Rio olympics 2 on the 1 "friendly" members of table tennis champion Xu Xin. Two serial smash, once the Xu Xin back to the edge of the area, with "penhold backhand" approach to squat ball. Both of you come to me, two young athletes have more score, let the students cheered. On the other hand, had learned two years of table tennis, now Hongkong basketball player Chen Zhuoyan, is discussed and the Rio Olympic Games table tennis women’s team champion member Liu Shiwen game. "Obviously I’ve forgotten what I’ve learned before. But Liu Shiwen is very good at playing in the process, she has taught me what kind of skills." Chen Zhuoyan said, no matter who can see, these athletes can achieve)相关的主题文章: