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"Summer sweetheart" "new encyclopedia said"   "chicken; cocoa scene creation song" — entertainment channel, to create new styles of " musical " way out of the cocoa, just appeared to gain a lot of friends love, singing and dancing to her, on Saturday evening the "summer sweetheart" " " creative beauty, cocoa will link; in the "frozen" " " Xuebao painted on their faces; creative, coupled with her clear voice to sing high film episode "Do You Want To Build A Snowman", the audience to see the musical black " " originality and strength. It is reported that in the fifth phase of the program will be broadcast this Saturday night, singing impromptu cocoa wrote song song ", " chicken; living on the "Encyclopedia" health secret sharing scenario. " musical horse " cocoa again sing songs by " " chicken; praise wit Hunan TV 2016 large summer girl group variety "summer sweetheart" the fifth phase of the program will be officially unveiled on Saturday night, for further mining " honey " the variety potential, " programs will be integrated into the new part of the game honey; " " brother " will be divided into two teams receiving audience test. According to informed sources, the fifth phase of the program will be the embodiment of a " at the same time, honey delicacy Department of " the audience can also eat eye-opening. The performance of cocoa in the episode, in a short period of time, smooth and good creative makeup, use a "frozen" in the episode "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" to conquer the audience and help spread the brother " ", show their good vocal skills at the same time. Also let people see this girl resourcefulness. It is reported, will be broadcast on Saturday night, cocoa generously shared their favorite delicacy — feet at the scene and sang " song " chicken; amused the audience, even the audience send a barrage of " too witty ". Cocoa field about " by " with chicken;; "Encyclopedia of the said Vu is Remao brother " " " has always been good at music; " to express their cocoa, in the first few years of the program to show the audience his distinctive musical talent," the ice snow romance "the episode is her interpretation was not a good feeling. At Saturday’s "summer sweetheart" " delicacy showdown ", cocoa on a change in the past " music sweetheart " image instantly incarnation " sweetheart ", talk about chicken; " in the program; chicken)相关的主题文章: