Sun Hongbin 15 billion investment cooperation also Jia Yueting Internet Ecological estate


Sun Hongbin investment as the music, and to do with the characteristics of the town of Jia Yueting.

1, 16, Sun Hongbin, chairman of China (01918.HK), chairman of the board of directors attended the meeting of investors in CICC, said the financial record of its own real estate business will be combined with the music, the development of small town projects.

has now determined that the financial record will be added to join the car base in Mogan Mountain project. Jia Yueting said that the project will have a total of more than 7 thousand and 300 acres of land, planning for the Internet car ecological town, will create a record and music together.

2016 August, the music, as announced in the Mogan Mountain high tech Zone North Park Construction of super car factory and intelligent ecological town, the first phase of the planning area of 4300 acres, with an annual output of 400 thousand vehicles, a total investment of $20 billion. December 28th,


automotive eco industrial park started in Zhejiang Province, this is the first automobile production base as cars in the domestic construction.

Sun Hongbin once again stressed that the real estate business is the absolute main financial record, the music as a relatively small share of the cash flow, the future of the development of the financial impact of no substantial.

and Sun Hongbin said, although not with in the real estate and the Internet to do good, but in the use of financial record can be combined with music, film music as music as cars, rely on the cooperation with the resources sector.

Sun Hongbin said, the Beijing municipal government in Yizhuang to give old Jia 5000 acres of land to do the car. Next, we’ll take this partnership with us on the ground. Let the music as the holding of these towns, together with the cost of these places will be very low. This is what we will do next."

Jia Yueting will be referred to as the cooperation of the Internet Ecological estate".

Jia Yueting said, we do not do real estate, we will develop partners, and a lot of space to create a financial cooperation." With the advance of the project, and the financial cooperation will be more and more, industrial synergies will be enlarged.

it is worth mentioning that, at a press conference held in January 15th, Sun Hongbin did not mention the idea of a small town.

as of January 16th closing, the financial record of China reported HK $6.7 / share, down 8.09%, LETV reported $35.4 / share, down 1.12%.