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Sun Sifan help public drama light drift entrepreneurial dream (Figure) Sun Sifan Sun Sifan Sun Sifan and all the creative drama scene curtain Sina entertainment news recently, by featuring actor Sun Sifan, the drama "public Utopia cafe" officially staged at the National Theatre [micro-blog]. Sun Sifan plays the male Zhang Xingyu in the play, in order to complete their dream, and his girlfriend Carroll in Utopia Cafe learning while working side. To complete the business models, a series of funny stories in the Utopia cafe. With his solid acting Sun Sifan, perfectly shaped Zhang Xingyu this carries the entrepreneurial dream image drift. The play is to prevent financial fraud as the theme, reflecting the feelings of migrant workers, their entrepreneurial dreams reality theme story. The night of the show, All seats are occupied. theatre. Sun Sifan led by all the actors, but also with their own dedicated performances in return for all the audience here. The white casual dress collocation, free and comfortable performance, and lines easy to understand, for the first time in the national theatre performances of Sun Sifan by the audience praise. Sun Sifan himself said: "although through a period of time but in the hearts of wildly beating gongs and drums rehearsal, when waiting before the formal performance there are still some apprehension, the smooth performance and the audience response is contrary to their expectations." Sun Sifan on the stage with a solid foundation of performance to conquer the scene of all the audience, won everyone’s praise. The play after the end of the show, Sun Sifan and the cast bowed to the audience. It is reported that the new generation of actors after 90, since his debut has been strict demands on themselves, do not slack to adhere to their original intention: to be a respected and loved by the audience actor. It is because of his persistent attitude that he gained a lot of fans. (commissioning editor: cloud will)相关的主题文章: