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Sun Yang former girlfriend WeChat suspected exposure: airline stewardess variable micro business, but also to play when the actor Sun Yang and former girlfriend of old photos according to the all star player Sun Yang exploration reports, unmarried, suspected and ex girlfriend Li Yingnian have a child, now two years old, Sun Yang suspected illegitimate child exposure incident caused a lot of attention. The 13 day, Sun Yang suspected his former girlfriend Li Yingnian circle of friends, WeChat chat screenshot has been exposed, Li Yingnian began to do micro business, also acting as an actor, seems to have entered the entertainment circle. Suspected exposure WeChat chat screenshots according to the circle of friends broke the news, Li Yingnian was in the air china airline stewardess speech, work after breaking up with Sun Yang, raise suspected Sun Yang gave birth to illegitimate child, from the second half of this year to start a micro business at the same time, in July this year, she had her first "shock" as an actor, made a debut. For the rumors on the Internet, the media contacted Sun Yang’s friends around. Sun Yang, director of the coach, said the children of Zhang Yadong, said, did not hear, and the brokerage firm said, do not believe in the Internet, and will be issued a formal statement after the response to rumors online.相关的主题文章: