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Super matrix "new Denon eight" Gui Skills Video exposed only hand over days, subversion of rivers and lakes! 3D martial arts online romantic "new Denon eight" new school "Guiguzi" strong incoming! Since the GUI has been exposed in the game player in popularity soared. Not only because of their overbearing president temperament and handsome appearance, more, is a strong desire for their strength and speculation. Dual attributes, five odd matrix, positive and negative gain, can control the energy output…… Today GUI Skills Video first exposure, explain five mysterious strategies, see the GUI, the game will bring what change. 59 seconds speed download "new Denon eight" new client > > > today recommended new service: [III] love beautiful two beautiful two [[double attribute] vowed to Almighty martial martial GUI] kill light weight, qimou. The acquisition of the top disciple all internal organs heart, often in the United States will be pushed Jin hundred paces away. The world moves with mystery, with tens of thousands of wonderful clouds, like water, can’t escape. The door disciple often at the right time, single handedly put many odd array, we can reverse the victory bureau. Good at internal attacks and disciple GUI Xuan, double fire attack. > video address; > > GUI skills can be divided into the following types: pure damage damage control skills, skills, skills, skills, strategies Guiguzi anger martial skills, gain recovery skills. If the biggest characteristic of GUI skills, that is, flexible use of five strategies, not only can make the GUI in singled out process, the process in the battle group can also become the mainstay in the class. Not the strongest occupation, only the strongest game player [five] odd array, and gain the core Guiguzi strategies, and the damage is gain. Positive and negative gain, that is, the friendly side of the auxiliary gain, but also have a negative effect on the enemy. These strategies often have strong attack effect, let the enemy not close completely. GUI strange pagoda array · longevity, a large array of teammates for the recovery of blood matrix. This method according to the percentage of blood array people reply, your health is higher, stronger, the effect of the method under the cloth is more obvious. I believe that in the future no matter in large-scale Gang Gang War, or team PK, GUI appears, changes will bring a battlefield situation. Joustar array · array · longevity pagoda; Yin and Yang, one can increase attribute reduction resistance limit array matrix method. In the process of single PK, the lower limit of the state, its own property damage will be increased, with the height of the damage from all the skills to play out, the enemy’s huge damage, the role can not be ignored. Joustar array · Yin and Yang vast star array · greedy wolf, one can gain their team members and their array attribute matrix. This is a very useful skill, directly to the team members plus a fourth attack, attack the highest. The attack has the most intuitive upgrade, can drive the entire team of high explosive time off. The vast array of stars · the vast array of · star wolf; breaking, a combination of their properties to attack strategies. This!相关的主题文章: