Syrian President international coalition air strikes Syrian government forces are open

Syrian President: International Allied air raids Syrian army is a "blatant aggression" data figure: the US led Anti Terror coalition air strikes in Syria original title: Syrian President: International Allied air raids the Syrian army is "flagrant aggression" according to the Russian Interfax news September 19th, Syria’s president Bashar Assad said, led by the United States the coalition against terrorism in Deir ezzor near the Syrian army air strikes is actually a "blatant acts of aggression". Bashar said: "the US led coalition against terrorism attack on the Syria army near the goal, is to serve the interests of the terrorist organization Islamic state aggression. The air raid is evidence of support for terrorists." The US led Anti Terror Coalition on September 17th near the airport is located in Deir ezzor Islamic state organization occupied area of Syria army carried out 4 air strikes, killing 62 soldiers killed, more than 100 people were injured. The United States Department of Defense issued a statement saying that the behavior of the people killed and expressed regret, and said that the U.S. Air Force’s behavior is not intentional, this is considered to be in the fight against the Islamic state positions. Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations Vitalichu M Kim expressed doubts about the United States may miss the goal of the program. Prior to this, the British, Australian and Danish military admitted to participate in air strikes against the Syria army.相关的主题文章: