Take out spring festival labor shortage room fees soared

Take out spring festival labor shortage: room fees soared

source: fast technology

tomorrow is the chicken year the Spring Festival, many people in time to enjoy the Spring Festival holiday, many take little brother still stick to the job.

according to the "Securities Daily" reported that in January 23rd and January 24th by and Baidu takeaway hungry all the Baidu takeaway ordering, a single received 20 yuan fare fee, and the hungry one received 14 yuan, for members to dispense with 4 yuan also paid 10 yuan fare fee.

The citizens of

Ms. Xie once through Baidu Baidu takeaway ordering, delivery personnel call that have multiple list not timely delivery, helpless, Ms. Xie to the official Baidu takeaway telephone communication, the answer is the room as soon as possible, if not timely delivery or to retreat meal.

Xie believes that during the Spring Festival, the takeaway delivery personnel to reduce delivery courier list can not timely delivery, in addition, some are online and offline are open, but their delivery service has been suspended.

Securities Daily reporters interviewed Baidu takeaway and hungry 12 takeaway platform. For the fare hike is caused by the shortage of labor, Baidu takeaway related personnel said yes, and hungry, then said that the fare increase is a market behavior.