Tangshan carpet inventory fireworks safety hazard maximum reward of one million yuan

Tangshan carpet inventory fireworks safety hazards highest award one million yuan in Tangshan Fengnan police found the possession of fireworks in the area of a greenhouse. Tangshan police for map

Beijing January 17 Tangshan Xinhua (reporter Bai Yunshui) Beijing News reporter conference 17 held in Hebei Province, Tangshan City Public Security Bureau was informed that, in order to safeguard the public security and the security of people’s life and property, to ensure that the masses have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival, Tangshan City launched a "safety carpet" inventory remediation fireworks "people’s war since a month ago". Up to now, a total of 120 cases of public security cases, the handling of criminal personnel of 136 people, including the detention of 121 people, a fine of 13 people, warning of the 2.

at the end of 2016, Tangshan Fengrun district have occurred in "12.24" and "12.26" two casualties caused by the explosion of fireworks. After the accident, deputy mayor of Tangshan City, Huang Sanping, Tangshan City Public Security Bureau inventory remediation actions, many times to listen to reports, instructions, requests. Tangshan City Public Security Bureau has convened a special meeting 5 times, scheduling deployment, promote the implementation of the implementation of the face to face supervision and inspection. The detachment and the sub County Public Security Bureau to do big fight mental preparation, method of measures to refine the fight, compaction win goal of responsibility at all levels of leadership front command, the majority of front-line combat; war police continuous fighting, to carry out the inventory of remediation great in strength and impetus campaign and the "carpet", to a collection of inventory, exceed the standard illegal, fireworks and inferior products, to suppress the non legal check trafficking, storage of fireworks black dens, black market, strictly punish fireworks crime crackdown, Triumphant news keeps pouring in. significant victories.

according to the Deputy Secretary of the Tangshan City public security bureau Party committee Bi Dengyi introduction, as of now the city’s public security organs of rental housing inventory of 123 thousand and 300 households, population 448 thousand and 300 people, 135 thousand copies of promotional materials; investigation of 5 criminal cases, criminal detention of 13 people; public security cases since 120, handling 136 criminals, the detention of 121 people, a fine 13 people, 2 people were warning; arrested 1 fugitives; investigation of illegal storage dens 30, seized 37 million 689 thousand firecrackers head; 14151 combination fireworks. Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau of the city destroyed illegal trafficking dens, seized more storage of fireworks, great victories fully affirmed the promotion effect is obvious.

Bi Dengyi said that the purpose of this action is to the whole society and the masses to carry out informed fireworks inventory remediation action, the public security organs of the organization, reiterated that the government of Tangshan City issued "on the restriction of fireworks notice", the public security organs to clarify the position of fireworks, strict strict, strict control, thorough investigation and crack down on illegal criminal activities.

Tangshan Road, police confiscated private storage of fireworks. Tangshan police for map

prior to December 27, 2016, the Tangshan City Public Security Bureau issued a report on the masses of fireworks and firecrackers clues to reward the announcement, clearly states: to report illegal production of fireworks, >