Tea sister has a low-key investment more than and 10 companies over the age of 23 worth over $50 bil


netizens said that if there is no Liu Qiangdong, tea sister is just an ordinary net red, put in the present environment, and even will be ignored.  

there are friends said, wide family is not good when ah, but tea sister seems to deal with the relationship is very good. It’s not a girl of 23. Anyway, can do this stage, tea sister must have her forte.

as a matter of fact, she is not really a simple girl.

in 2015, graduated from Tsinghua University, from tea sister, Microsoft intern, Liu Qiangdong girlfriend, mrs..


, Zhang Zetian began to frequently appear as investors.  

"the investment play show loving taste of Zhang Zetian, only 23 years old, has been quietly voted more than and 10 companies’

in 2016, the New Fortune 500 rich list, Liu Qiangdong / Zhang Zetian to the fortune of $52 billion 110 million in the top eleventh.

In fact, investors turned

tea sister is no secret, she and Liu Qiangdong is for "endorsement" tea resources + tea, known as the "Smith couple of venture capital circles". As for Zhang Zetian’s investment, Liu Qiangdong showed a complete trust, and even joked: "why don’t trust marriage?"  

It is reported that

, the main investment Zhang Zetian through a company called "the Dongchen Klc Holdings Ltd". In the investment company, Liu Qiangdong invested 50 million yuan, accounting for 50% of the shares, and the company’s chairman Akizawa day.

and "Dongchen Klc Holdings Ltd" business information also shows that it has invested in 8 companies, enough to appear as chairman Zhang Zetian has not been idle.

in the above display of these companies, this is known as the Beijing Knowledge Technology Co., Ltd. is actually the work of the entity box. As everyone knows, in July 2015, Liu Qiangdong and Dong Chen joint investment operation box, together holding approximately 5%. As Dongchen chairman Zhang Zetian, also harvest their investment in the field of "virgin investment".

investment Uber, and a series of "nouveau riche" state-owned enterprises ranked

at the beginning of 2016, in Yabuli China enterprise annual meeting, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong had inadvertently revealed Zhang Zetian investment Uber.  

"I was the separation of my family’s investment, the family’s investment to the wife, she voted very well, including investment Uber."

despite the specific amount of Zhang Zetian investment Uber undisclosed, Uber now;