The 10 year old boy riding a bicycle at Shen Hai high-speed traffic flowing too dangerous-diying

The 10 year old boy riding a bicycle at Shen Hai high-speed traffic flowing too thrilling Taiwan network October 8th news (Strait herald in October 5th 22 PM, during the positive National Day highway traffic surge, suddenly appeared a little boy figure: he was riding a bike, ready to burst into Shen Hai high-speed Zhaoan East station. At that time, Zhaoan station toll collector Xiao Xu was at the entrance for seven and the following minibus free and free. After finding this dangerous situation, he immediately shouted, "danger, pull over!" At this time, the little boy came to the side and stopped. Originally, the little boy was 10 years old this year and lived in Damei village, Zhaoan County, Zhangzhou. The National Day was home with his parents who did business in Dongshan County. On the evening of 5, my father went out to attend a school party, and his mother went out to buy things. The neighbor a small Gang joked the little boy and said, "your father went to Dongshan to look for ‘Xiao 3’, and your mother got angry and ran after him." Unexpectedly, a joke, but let the boy angrily to rush to the Dongshan father. After the safety education of the little boy, Xiao Xu immediately got in touch with his parents. Then the little boy was brought back by his parents. (reporter Lin Xiaoqi correspondent Zheng Hua Lin original plus chapter Wentu)

漳10岁男孩骑自行车夜闯沈海高速 车流涌动太惊险   台海网10月8日讯(海峡导报10月5日22时许,正值国庆节期间,高速路上车流涌动,却突然出现一名小男孩的身影:他骑着自行车,正准备冲进沈海高速诏安东站。   ?  当时,诏安站收费员小许正在入口为七座及以下小型客车免费保畅,发现这一危险情况后,立即高声呼喊,“危险,快靠边停下!”这时,小男孩才靠边停了下来。   ?  原来,小男孩今年10岁,家住漳州诏安县大美村,国庆节随在东山县做生意的父母回家。5日当晚,父亲外出参加同学聚会,母亲出门买东西。邻居一小伙便开玩笑骗小男孩说:“你爸去东山找‘小三’了,你妈生气跑去追了。”没想到,一句玩笑话,竟让小男孩气冲冲地要赶去东山找父亲。   ?  在对小男孩进行了安全教育后,小许立即和他父母取得联系。随后,小男孩被其父母带回。(记者 林晓琪 通讯员 郑原华 林加章 文 图)相关的主题文章: