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The 20 secret details or Zhuhai will be unveiled a flight performance – Sohu as the 20 Military Channel Map for Camo flight. Moderator: from military aircraft have different functions, China Air Force combat strength has been greatly improved, in fact, speaking of the tip of China fighter, a focus of attention of netizens is f 20, f 20 would you predict what at the Zhuhai Hainan exhibition? Wei Dongxu: I personally think that the possibility of a wonderful debut 20 stealth fighter should be 99.9% this year at Zhuhai, why do you say that? Prior to this period of time, we saw 20 fighters it has flight this high intensity, some pictures and a lot of friends and fans through the online publication has been read out, there are two fighters 20 has installed new Camo, its background is the closer to actual combat, or closer to in the blue sky low tone camo. I believe in the future if there is the 20 stealth fighter debut in Zhuhai airshow, it is very likely that the two is after we saw on the Internet using the new painting 20 F. If the 20 fighters in the air show wonderful debut, it can be said that this can provide a visual gift for the audience or fans and netizens especially Sohu military users can, before we are on the Internet through blurred pictures and video look f 20 appearance and layout of the motor, using the low altitude the navigation audience make a call, if you see the static display more detailed, including fighters how long how its size, mobile layout is what kind of effect, we can see more clearly. The 20 after all, a relatively high degree of confidentiality, it has not publicly announced its mass service, so it is possible to take such a fly or a short time hovering over an exhibition mode and say hello, show themselves very reliable and stable state, including its advanced flight performance. Moderator: we also look forward to, want to be able to see the 20 style in the Zhuhai airshow. So in addition to outside air force fighters 20, what are the active fighter worthy of our attention? Wei Dongxu: in addition to 20 fighters just mentioned Jian-10 B or some early warning aircraft, tankers and large transport aircraft, some advanced air defense missile is also worthy of our attention, as well as the air search radar will display my personal attention to this Feibao ground attack platform, why do you say that? Because both the air force and naval aviation has large quantities of equipment should be said is the leopard, fighter or fighter and bomber sequence batch equipment models. If there are certain types of Feibao improvement, some weapons and equipment plus the supporting, such as precision guided missile attacks on sea missiles even for ground attack, if you can fit on and Feibao, can also be seen in the past few years — it can improve combat force in what ways. For example, if there are some uses of the Beidou satellite navigation system the precision guided munitions, and precision guided bombs and Flying Leopard joint exhibition, so we can guess it.相关的主题文章: