The 67 year old veteran appeared rhetoric marathon arena to run 100 marathons-lformat

The 67 year old veteran appeared rhetoric marathon arena to run 100 marathon 67 year old veteran first participated in the Hefei marathon, Hefei online news (reporter Wen et al November 12th photo), the 2016 Hefei International Marathon rujierzhi, Hefei City, with an open attitude to meet the Quartet runners. In the more than 20 thousand players "force", a white bearded old man, holding the flag run particularly interesting. "Chinese veteran marathon club", "veterans salute the people of Hefei", "100 marathon"…… The old man on the label and the text on the banner, so that he instantly become the focus of the crowd, many players have stopped with his photo. "I’m going to finish the 100 marathon, and I’ve been in for the last 49 races, and this is my last game in Hefei." In the face of reporters, the old man talked about his plan. The old man was named Geng Xiaozhong, a native of Heilongjiang, the first time he came to Hefei for the marathon. "Hefei is really beautiful. Chaohu is beautiful." This year, 67 year old, he is determined to complete the marathon in 3 years in the race of 100. After completing his fiftieth marathon in Hefei, the next schedule is full. This time, he came to Hefei to participate in the competition, he felt that the weather in Hefei is particularly suitable for long-distance running, he ran after feeling very good. "The old man came to the marathon again!" Many players come over to greet the elderly, the elderly are warmly shook hands with each other. Geng Xiaozhong told reporters that he was in 1968 to enter the army, flash is 20 years, he has always insisted on physical exercise after the war, at the age of 60 he began to practice the marathon. Because of running, he is now able to run 70 kilometers per week. "Later I suddenly whim, want to give yourself a goal in the 100 marathon." Geng Xiaozhong said he put his experience in recent years after the release of the QQ space, there is a Xinjiang entrepreneur to see the big surprise, you are 60 years old, but also dare to run a marathon! Well, if you run, I’ll help you!" So the entrepreneur contacted him to sponsor him to cities. As a result, Geng also more determined his own plans to participate in the competition, basically held in each city marathon, he will sign up to participate. "I don’t know him, but he is very supportive of my idea, every year to come up with 30 thousand yuan to help me, thank you very much for him." However, he admitted that the 100 marathon is just a small goal he wants to complete, after I have to participate in the 200, the 300 marathon it, until I ran to the age of 80 can not run away." The old man loves the spirit of the marathon, infected with the presence of each player, Geng Xiaozhong said with a smile, I hope his 100th marathon to Hefei run. (Hefei online)相关的主题文章: