The bag snitch does not know the value of several million yuan Hermes thrown into the river in the n-quickchm

The bag snitch does not know the value of several million yuan "Hermes" thrown into the river – Beijing News newspaper in Pingdingshan city of Pingdingshan for the implementation of robbery bag 15 "lone snitch" yinmou arrest. The morning of September 26th, police station handling Guangming Road, Pingdingshan Dahe told reporters that each yinmou bag just after the robbery, the bag of money and then put the mobile phone out, he thought the worthless bag away, but I do not know him in a snatch a handbag was not mine, throw away is a value number million yuan of genuine hermes. According to the Pingdingshan Guangming Road police station police, Pingdingshan city occurred on the robbery case caused female bag, in the society very bad. Pingdingshan Guangming Road Public Security Bureau police station plainclothes police patrol organization in the area of the main road, and one by one investigation of suspicious persons in gas station. In August 17th 3 pm, gas station patrol patrol team Cao Peng found in the bright road, a gas man snatch and display the characteristics of clothes and riding a moped in the surveillance video is very similar to the suspect vehicle. In order to prevent the Cao Peng side long-distance tracking, act rashly and alert the enemy, while through the walkie talkie call support. 10 minutes later, the man entered a small hotel. Case Investigation Brigade police Yu Yuanyuan, Yang Yuanzheng rushed reinforcements in the hotel room, the police arrested the suspected man, seized on the spot robbed masses of identity card, driving license, bank cards, card dozen. After interrogation, the 29 year old man surnamed Yin confessed he was robbed in 2009 for Pingdingshan Xinhua District People’s court sentenced to 8 years in prison, released from prison after the purchase of bicycle in July this year, in the city of Pingdingshan for the crime of robbery 15 facts of the crime. It is reported that the police escorted yinmou in Pingdingshan Kaiyuan Road Bridge Zhanhe identify the crime scene, yinmou confessed in August 7th this year at 9 am a handbag robbed Ms. Wei after the public car, mobile phone will leave, then put the empty bag into the river the crime process. Police investigators told reporters, yinmou was robbed of Hermes handbag is genuine, the value of several million yuan, but do not know what yinmou". At present, yinmou has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: