The bathroom safety hazard as the killer to blue exit safe mode

The bathroom safety hazard as to how the killer?? security risks in life there are so many, in Home Furnishing decoration bathroom safety can not be underestimated, bathroom electricity and water frequency is very high, from time to time slipping, shock and other accidents, how to guarantee the safe use of the bathroom, the bathroom to avoid the accident? Not only from the source to solve the problem, do a good job of prevention is also very important. How should one of the bathroom safety hazard prevention: do slip work report, the bathroom, the most dangerous is to take a bath or shower out of action, slipped and hurt the proportion accounted for 9.8% of the total, the first step is to do a good job safety bathroom, anti-skid work. The trick: bathroom space dry separation in the bathroom is mainly to separate shower area with the toilet, basin area, keep the shower outside the site to use dry, not because of the ground water may slip, greatly improve the safety. Bathroom second strokes: the ground using the bathroom floor tile regardless of the use of anti-skid materials or the floor, not only to have waterproof anti-skid, like a wet on the slippery plastic floor is not suitable for use in the bathroom. The bathroom tiles are considered quartz bricks, antique tiles, emery tile three, laying the appropriate slope to ensure water discharged smoothly through the drain. Flooring can be used to strengthen the plywood hardwood flooring, there is a good moisture-proof effect. The third measure: bathroom with shower mat out of the bathtub or to take the fall that is big and small, in order to prevent such mistakes and shameful thing, suggest to buy a non slip mat. How should one of the bathroom safety hazard prevention: pay attention to the bathroom bathroom in the treatment of anti electric water heater, electric hair dryer, electric smart products are in contact with the source, and in the bathroom and there is a lot of water so it is prone to electric shock accident. The first step in the bathroom anti electricity: outdoor switch, socket, if necessary to have a socket in the bathroom, it is also far away from the water, it is best to cover to reduce leakage risk factor. Water heater power outlet in accordance with the standard installation height is 2.4 meters, and to use a waterproof type with the kind of safety socket. The bathroom second strokes: anti electric power lines to protect the circuit in the bathroom are well sealed waterproof and insulation treatment try not to change, do not like the fan motor insulation treatment of heating wire, does not have the waterproof function there are security risks, not from private mobile installation, after problems need to find professional personnel processing. The third measure: use the bathroom electric appliances safety facilities sanitary appliances facilities purchase first and foremost principle is to use safety, the best waterproof function, do not covet cheap sanitary appliances to buy does not pass. How should one of the bathroom safety hazard prevention: details of installation and everything for the sake of safety, the bathroom can put an extra armrest, ah can not only the elderly and children, can also protect themselves. The design of the bathroom sink and bathroom cabinet to avoid the sharp and hard right angle with the arc line, can wrap up better, avoid accidentally bump and slip will not hit the sharp object injury aggravated.相关的主题文章: