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The "big 3" box office continues to lead Hu Jing dare play bone can enjoy the entertainment Sohu – Hu Jing "westward journey 3" played by Han Geng, the Sohu of Guanyin Angeles starring Tang Yan, Karen Mok, Wu Jing, Hu Jing and other friendship appeared in the movie "westward journey 3" since its release, the box office is satisfactory, continue to lead the way. As the "Westward Journey" series finale, director Jeffrey Lau will fill up all those blank before the two ", tells the story of a new, answer questions 20 years ago and make up for the regret. In the film, in addition to the two starring Han Geng, Tang Yan’s performance has been recognized by the director and the market recognition, a strong cast of the film to bring endless surprises. "The wolf" Wu Jing’s subversive interpretation of a nagging, funny force, lovely Tang Seng, people are very surprised, that Wu Jing’s acting and comedy talent. But the only one across the 20 year old actor is Karen Mok, 20 years ago, "after 20 years back, Karen Mok Jeffrey Lau is the director in the mouth can not find other actors instead of actors, her acting Yan values have been visible online. During his nearly 20 years of play bone Hu Jing as fresh blood to join the big series of "big 3", as a goddess of mercy. The Hu Jing version of Guanyin is different from the other, the character is more abundant, not only is the emotional changes of the passions, and the Jade Emperor (Huang Zhengshi) have a hazy shadiness in. The interpretation of a completely different sound, for Hu Jing is a challenge and enjoyment, challenge the classic screen role is as an affirmation of her play bone, and succeeded in creating an offbeat image of Avalokitesvara, she is also a kind of enjoyment. Hu Jing in the film, although not much, but she played the goddess of mercy enough to impress the audience. At the same time, the box office is close to 300 million, the "big 3" wish as soon as possible to break the 300 million mark, laugh all the way to pa September.相关的主题文章: