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The boy fall well families "medical" rumors make the public opinion focus original title: Boys’ families fall well "medical" rumour that public opinion focus Author: Li Yiling the evening of November 10th, the Hebei Lixian County falling boy Cong was found, unfortunately, Cong has died. This affects people at large rescue end. However, the incident has not subsided. Soon there are rumors that the boy’s family questioned the delay in rescue time, trouble in the hospital, but also beat the 120 drivers, and family members to the hospital claims 2 million yuan message. Some medical media accused the boy family medical trouble, and even the use of the "have you no shame" and "reality version of the farmer and the snake". The incident quickly reversed, falling well the boy’s parents issued a written statement, said the families never authorized any person released news of the accident, in addition to grief — "not only for any claim, never intended to bring any so-called compensation." In view of this, this is just a rumor, "a modern version of the farmer and the snake story just some fantasy. Of course, the doctor announced that the boy was killed in the rescue scene, an ambulance will be sent to the crematorium after the remains of the boy, the family think that children should be sent to hospital, which took place in the families of the doctor’s excesses. This is an indisputable fact, but considering that the family was in deep sorrow, but the doctor did not fully communicate with their families in the case directly to the boy sent to the crematorium, indeed inappropriate, not understanding the family’s emotional expression. The key is, can not easily to medical disputes with "medical" label. "Medical" should have a strict definition, only patients in medical disputes seriously hamper medical order behavior can be called "medical trouble". The tension between doctors and patients, medical trouble frequent at the moment, "medical" connotation especially not expanded. Otherwise, doctor-patient conflicts will be further intensified. At present, the most important thing is probably too much reflection on the cause of the accident, urging the parties to learn lessons to prevent recurrence of tragedy. Specifically, the vast rural areas is to prevent the manhole, dry "man eating" event. Well, the "eat man" events are not uncommon. Beijing News reporter combing found that only in 2015 so far, the media reported an unexpected fall incident on the well up to 29, the fall of those who are in the wells, nearly 80% of children, nearly fell into the well of the last 40% failed to rescue. The day before, surging news network reporter in Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Chengde and other places survey waste dry problems found in Hebei Province, almost every village has abandoned wells, the majority of the landfill, not many dry landfill in unattended state. Obviously, this is the most attention should be paid to the rescue and thinking. Spend a lot of manpower and resources, is to rescue a boy, this is not because of what life is more valuable than. The end of the rescue, public opinion has been a series of rumors to the biased, no doubt regrettable. The urgent task is to reflect the real problem and solve the real problem. For some irresponsible media, emotional and interpret out of context information dissemination practices, the public should maintain vigilance and reflection should be. Editor: Wei Wei相关的主题文章: